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Wholesome Family Fun

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In case you’ve never been to an evo company picnic, it’s a lot like a third grade end of the school year party: more chips than anyone can eat, lawn games, skateboards, brownies, and cool prizes. Except no chaperones! And we brought a boat. And beer. Also, people were making bets, making out and making jokes at Shilo’s expense. There was almost a dog fight. At least one person got sort of drunk, and I don’t mean that in a metaphorical way. After Bryce and Shilo kept losing warshers repeatedly, the last game got a little bit heated, but when it was all over everyone chipped in to clean up and we all gave each other hugs goodbye. Family parties are always the best – can’t wait ’til next year!

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Hunting Yeti Update // The Summer Months //

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Hello Nimbus fans and supporters. This is Chris here reporting in from my endless summer of Hunting Yeti’s…

broken teethIt all started with a crew discussion of taking a road trip down to Mexico for a month. It was the plan all season, until we unfortunately lost the keys to Pollard’s shackles, which had him locked to his 22-hour days of editing. Andy got up close and personal with a softball, leaving him a new grill and a large dental bill. And the news channel’s left us skeptical of traveling as clueless Gringos all the way through Mexico for an entire month.

With that in mind, when Eric found a free moment, the crew (sans Andy) booked a 10-day flight to Cabo, Mexico. As a whole (of passionate not so great surfers), we wanted to document a trip away from the snow, while at the same time capture some third-world traveling..

As anticipated, it was more then just surfing good waves.. There was rattlesnakes, feeding donkeys, surfing, rallying rental cars, attempting to speak spanish, snorkeling, and much much more.

After a successful and funny trip, Pollard went directly back to his computer and finished up the movie. Pep went to his sisters wedding. Andy was still dealing with dental issues. And I booked a quick flight to Whistler to get a day in with DaKine at COC.

hunting yeti

Sure enough, we had Whistler fog both days we tried to shoot, which left us with little to no skiing footage. Directly after Whistler, Pep and I had agreed to coach at Windells for a session. So, that’s exactly what we did. We originally planned to get some more footage there, but an Oregon bug unfortunately hit me hard, giving me bronchitis and an ear infection.

Needless to say, we had another amazing couple months together, and were able to document something new, that we all truly love… With that said and webisode 4 all wrapped up, I am here in Mammoth packing for Australia and Chile to give you the seasons last webisode of shredding powder. To make my packing more enjoyable, I put my Hunting Yeti DVD on loop. Yep, that’s right, Hunting Yeti DVD’s are shipping out all over the world as we are proud to announce the film is done. I got a box full of Yeti’s just a couple days ago. Go to your local shop and ask for a copy.



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evo's 'skate inside your store 2' contest

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Last month evo hosted the Second Annual Skate Inside Your Store Contest. This year’s event was a Wedge to Planter Challenge that consisted of a giant wedge ramp, a small deck on top, and a two-tiered planter box setup with real plants.

Sponsors Included: BFC, enjoi, Manik Skateboards, Nike 6.0, Skull Candy, and Ally Video

Pretty sick!
eric b.

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evo signs up for city Bus program!

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Seattle, Washington (11 August, 2008) – Local board-sports retailer evo will begin use of the FlexPass program through King County Metro Transit, allowing employees to reduce the impact their daily commutes have on the environment and community.

With their headquarters housed in an energy efficient converted warehouse in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, evo’s employees have long upheld admirable environmental standards and have demonstrated their dedication to sustainability form the beginning. Bikes and alternatively fueled cars are highly encouraged as means of transportation. Access to Seattle’s bus system will only strengthen this commitment to reducing emissions.

“Our goal as a company is to give every one of our employees an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint,” says Chris Bahr, evo’s financial controller.

While the FlexPass program is currently only available to full-time employees (35+ hrs/week), Bahr is working toward an alternate plan to help subsidize part-time employees’ commuting expenses.

evo is aware of its environmental impact and is committed to decreasing this impact and promoting sustainable practices. The company also realizes that these concepts are not necessarily at odds with the driving forces behind a successful business and that environmental sustainability can, and often does, benefit the bottom line.

Founded in 2001as a ski and snowboard retailer, evo has quickly because a major promoter of active outdoor lifestyle as well as a cultural leader, both locally and nationally. Not only does evo highly value the protection of natural places and encourage the exploration of the American wilderness – the future of the company, from employees to suppliers to customers to the community at large, depends on it.

For more info on King County Metro Transit’s FlexPass program, pleast visit:

# # #

evo explores the collaboration between culture and sport by seamlessly joining fashion, music, art, and sport. Through our unique events, movie premiers, art exhibitions, and partnerships we are simply providing a venue to share what we love. Passion for building community is a driving force; both on a national level and locally here in Seattle.

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