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The Seattle Fiesta Lounge Opens on the Ave in the U-district tomorrow!!!

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fiesta lounge
The Seattle “Fiesta Lounge Opens on the Ave in the U-district tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1, 2010!!!

What the heck is the “Fiesta Lounge”? Good question. The Fiesta Lounge is your spot to experience the all-new 2011 Ford Fiesta. Get your photo taken at our automatic photobooth and instantly share it with your friends on Facebook. Rock out to some of the hottest local bands during Spin Magazine’s Friday night concert series

.fiesta lounge portland

Check out evo’s little pop up display and make sure you make it out for the kick off party this Friday for a special performance by Perry Acker. No cover, show starts @ 8pm.

perry acker

Fiesta Lounge Location: 4538 University Way NE Seattle, WA, 98105
Phone: 503.502.3191

Wed – Fri:12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sat:11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sun:11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Concert Schedule
Thursday 9/9 @ 7pm – AMP (Alan Motely Project)
Friday 9/10 @ 8pm – Carson Henley
Saturday 9/11 @ 7pm – Gunstreet Glory
Thursday 9/16 @ 7pm – Stereo Sons
Friday 9/17 @ 8pm – Jo Black
Saturday 9/18 @ 7pm – Brian Orton

Picture from Portland’s Fiesta Lounge

For a writeup on the Portland “Fiesta Lounge” check out this article from Oregon Live.

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TGR "Deeper Unplugged" and Protect Our Winters benefit in Seattle!!

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Deeper Unplugged Seattle at evo
Packed House @ evo – For the full photo album go here!

TGR’s “Deeper Unplugged” screening and Protect Our Winters benefit event was a success and we owe it all to you.  Thanks to everyone who came down to help out POW and to get your early season shred stoke on with some “Unplugged” trailers for the TGR “Deeper” film thats coming to Seattle on September 28th @ The Egyptian Theater.

Deeper Unplugged Seattle at evo

We raised a ton of money for a great organization, we hosted a “dance off” and gave away some Jones Snowboards and a ton of product from other sponsors!  Check out some of the photos from the night and hope to see you at the “Deeper” Premiere…tickets on sale at evo!!!

Deeper Unplugged Seattle at evo

Deeper Unplugged Seattle at evo

For the full photo album go here!

Photos By: Heather Olson

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2011 Burton Snowboards now at!

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New arrivals
2011_burton_new arrival
Burton = Super Brand
Be First to Shop 2011 Burton Snowboards, Packs, Travel Bags and Gloves Now!

We keep thinking Burton snowboards can’t get any better and one of these years they’re just not going to be able to come up with anything new and awesome and powerful, but they keep proving us wrong. They’re like the Wizard of Oz of the snowboard industry. Only much more fun. And not old and ornery. And without all the smoke and fake booming voice. Actually Burton is not at all like the Wizard of Oz, but they are really, really big and they bring an abundance of brains, courage and heart to the snowboard industry each year. So maybe they’re more like Captain Planet… without the pet monkey. Uh… Maybe we should just let the new 2011 snowboard line speak for itself…

-Tech: Burton has improved upon their Channel system with the new Channel M6 board-binding connection. Your connection will be tighter than our accountant’s jeans. Check out the Sherlock, one of the many 2011 boards featuring M6. And rocker is still rad! The Custom Flying V is especially rocky and peppy and . It’s never a dull moment with this one. And not in a bad way, like when that girl you took to Six Flags in junior high set the cotton candy stand on fire.

-Style: Always one step ahead of the game, Burton comes up with some of the best colorways and styles in outerwear. For 2011, we’re huge fans of the Restricted Line. Stay tuned – this stuff will be online soon, and when it is it’ll go quick!

-Value: Who doesn’t want a Custom X? If you don’t, you will now. This year you’ll pay $80 less than last year for one of the hottest boards out there. In fact, you’ll pay 10% less across the board for 2011 Burton gear than you did for 2010. Don’t forget to write your thank you notes.

As you can see, Burton’s powers combined bring you the most progressive and advanced gear for the 2011 season. And the new snowboards are just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of packs, travel bags and snowboard bags landed as well as loads of Burton Men’s and on Burton at evo!

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Gravis Skateboarding Dylan Rieder Vid

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Our good friends over at Gravis Skatboarding sent us this little video of ripping skater/fashion guru Dylan Rieder tearing it up all over the place.

Check it out!

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Forum Snowboards Wins 3 Transworld "Good Wood" Awards

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Forum Snowboards is pleased to announce the Destroyer ChillyDog, Youngblood ChillyDog and Women’s Sauce have earned Good Wood from Transworld Snowboarding in their respective Park board categories for the 2011 winter season.

Taking top honors in Over $400 Park boards (and it’s only $429!) for the second year in a row, the Destroyer ChillyDog is built for all-out destruction. Forum’s new ChillyDog with Pop has the stability, predictability, and forgiving feel of continuous rocker, but with added Pop zones that help load up the nose and tail for even more ollie power. Ollie pop is further amplified by Booter Boosters to ensure you clear every gap, every time.

Representing the crew that continually pushes what can be done on a snowboard, this year’s Youngblood ChillyDog wins Good Wood in the Under $399 Park category (also for the second year in a row), and proves once again why it’s a mainstay in the Forum line. ChillyDog with Pop brings continuous rocker fun with the ollie pop that riders need. Youngblood Alek Oestreng says, “The Youngblood ChillyDog is a perfect park board. It’s soft, but still stable and super poppy. It’s a good combo that makes it good for everything from the smallest jibs to big kickers.”

Rounding out the stoke, The Sauce featuring Women’s ChillyDog secures the Good Wood seal of approval for Women’s Under $399 Park boards. Providing a fun, catch-free ride, this continuous rocker is built specifically for women’s bodies by featuring a slightly lower rocker height and a softer core profile between the feet.

For more on these Good Wood winning boards along with the rest of Forum’s 2011 freestyle line-up, go to

ChillyDog from Forum Snowboards on Vimeo.

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Skate Like a Girl Seattle "Clothes Swap" – 9-19-10

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Skate Like a Girl Clothes Swap

Skate Like a Girl is having a “Clothes Swap” – Clean out your closet and take home a new (to you) fall wardrobe! Just in time for back to school! Bring your gently used clothes, shoes, accessories, etc to swap. Show up at 10:30am, swapping will start shortly thereafter. Women and girls only, please! Come mingle and have snacks with friends, and update your wardrobe all while benefiting Skate Like a Girl!

Entry is one bag of clothing (bring more if you did a super closet clear out! Leftover clothes will be donated to local organizations) + $20 per person, or $30 per family. Cash or checks only please.

The event will take place on Sunday September 19 from 10:30am -12:30pm.

Location: University Heights Center (5031 University WAY NE, Seattle RM 109).

Bring all your friends!

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Absinthe Film's "Nowhere" Seattle premier || 9/9/10

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Come join us for the Seattle premier of Absinthe‘s new movie “Nowhere“.

Thursday Sept 9th at the Egyptian Theater on Capitol Hill.

Doors at 9pm. Show starts at 9:30pm.

Tickets are $10 and available at evo and Snowboard Connection.

**Help the cause- walk, bike, skate, hop a train, carpool to the event. Proceeds benefit The Service Board and Protect Our Winters.**

Sponsors: Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboard Canada, Rome, Billabong, YES, Capita.

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Meathead Films "Work It Out" Trailer

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Subaru of New England presents an East Coast Ski Thriller by Meathead Films: “Work It Out”

From record-breaking 5 foot blizzards in Washington DC to 10 inches of rain in New England, Meathead Films spent the winter of 2010 scouring the East Coast on the hunt for epic days. No matter the weather or personal fatigue, the crew was forced to roll with the punches and just work it out.

Tag along as the Meathead’s relentless search takes them to the craggy White Mountains backcountry, urban alleyways of Maine, custom park jumps in New Jersey, and even to the Far East of Hokkaido, Japan on their first ever overseas voyage. Filmed in High Definition, 16mm, and Super 8mm film, “Work It Out” showcases the unwavering determination it takes to be an Eastern skier.


Shea Flynn | Stacey Rachdorf | Erik Olson | Andy Parry | LJ Strenio | Sean Decker | Jay Bowen | Nelson Riley | The Hammer | Radio Ron | Dan Marion | Will Wesson | Ben Leoni | Sean Jordan | Dale Talkington | Asia Magriby | Cedric TF | Tatsuya Tayagaki | Jake Doan | Peter Engen | Evan Williams | Dave Bouchard | Ryan McDermott

Filmed on Location:
VT | NH | ME | NJ | PA | MD | VA | Washington DC | Qubec | Japan

Sponsored by: | | | | | | |

Edited by: Geoff McDonald

Written, Directed, and Principal Cinematography by:
Geoff McDonald & Chris James

Additional Cinematography by:
Dylan Tucker, Galin Foley, Craig Stay, and Shane McFalls

Distributed by: WAX (

Trailer Music by: We Have Band “Divisive”

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Peepshow's "Better Mistakes" trailer

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Peepshow’s “Better Mistakes” Trailer

Featuring: Terra Michilot, Laura Hadar, Marie Hucal, Robin Van Gyn, Desiree Melancon, Esthera Preda, Colleen Quigley, Jess Kimura, June Bhongjan, Nicki Slechta, Laurie Gauvin Celia Miller and friends.

Filmed by Pat Barraza, Colin D. Watt, June Bhongjan, and Matt Charland

Edited by Esthera Preda

Sponsors: Ashbury, Bataleon, Bonfire, Salomon, Nike, Omatic, Holden, Nikita, Elm, Airblaster

These girls can shred for sure! They sure make a lot of guys question the age-old snowboarding stereotype.

Check out Jess Kimura at 1:00 in.

Stay tuned for video premier dates…

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Company Wakeboards invites evo to demo some new gear

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The sun may not have been shining, but we were nothing but smiles as we headed out to Lake Forest Park to meet up with Company Wakeboards and do some ‘intense market research’ by trying out new boards. Toney “the tube tester” Hetherington greeted us at the dock with a line up of gear that was jam-packed full of three-stage fun for the water.

From hardened veterans to first time wakeboarders, all of us strapped into some gear. First up was the Company Recruit Wakeboard, and we experienced some serious speed and slashing ability. We also got to  try out the Severance board and the Vandall bindings. The guys were wearing the low-profile Company CGA Vest and using the super-cush Company Rope Handle Combo. As ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ played relentlessly in our minds, the wake gear from this 2-year-old company sent us into another world as we completely forgot it was Monday morning and enjoyed the surprisingly warm water.

As the morning came to a close we asked all of our final questions like: “why the name Company?” and discovered that what started as a joke on a whiteboard – became the brand we know today. Innovative binding systems, ground-breaking technology, and overall killer-fun, are the only ways to describe the gear we experienced today. See ya on the water Company!

company wake demo 1 company wake demo 2 company wake demo 3 company wake demo 4 company wake demo company wake demo 6 company wake demo 7 company wake demo 8 company wake demo 9 company wake demo 10 company wake demo 11 company wake demo 12 company wake demo 13 company wake demo 14 company wake demo 16 company wake demo 16

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