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New Arrival: Hot and Delicious evo Beanies

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Mmmm what’s that popcorn-y smell? Well we can’t fully explain that but we do have some brand new evo beanies that just came in to evo Seattle. You maybe remember the Perfect 10 beanie from earlier this winter, now we are bringing you the Favorite 11 beanie- in red too!

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Event Recap: Stevens Pass 2011 Big Air Fiesta

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Last weekend was the annual Big Air Fiesta at Stevens Pass. While we billed the event as a Big Hair/Big Air event, the hats and helmets made it hard to see the real extent of the hair. Skiers and snowboarders competed at the same time hucking themselves trying for the “biggest air” at this fiesta. The Top Phlight Terrain Park crew set up a nice, big kicker heading down into the base area. Some of the best views were had from the Deck of the Bull’s Tooth restaurant with beverage in-hand or from the deck of the jump itself. Hiking up to the top of the run-in and looking down gave you a good sense of  how fast you needed to go  and how big the jump was.

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2012 K2 Pon2oon Ski Review: With Video!

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Bryce test the 2012 K2 Pon2oons:

Not only is Bryce Phillips the founder of evo, he is also a K2 Sponsored athlete (if you are not convinced, make sure you watch the video below). Bryce skis a lot of powder and his favorite ski for years has been the K2 Pontoon, so needless to say when he found out they were redesigning the ski for 2012 he needed to try out a pair. And by “try out” we mean rip apart Crystal Mountain in the span of a few days.

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Holy Oly Revival April 9th- Summit at Snoqualmie

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Lib Technologies and The Summit at Snoqualmie bring you the eighth annual Holy Oly Revival – A Celebration of NW Snowboard Pride…and Bananas!

An amazing pile of sculpted snow…Tube City…Cobra Dogs…legends, locals and groms…sweet playlist…people getting rad…the Holy Oly Revival turns 8…don’t miss it.

Made possible by Lib Tech, Snowboy Productions, Cobra Dogs, Snowboarder Magazine and Think Thank.

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Stevens Pass Retro Fool's Day: For Realz

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No joke, the 2nd Annual Retro Fools Day downhill slalom race is returning to Stevens Pass. So did through your garage or parents garage for the oldest, wildest and raddest retro gear you can find. The older and crazier the gear the more time deductions you will get. Perfect if you are looking for any kind of head start.

Saturday April 2nd 2011

Stevens Pass Ski Area

Awards for:

Best Dressed

Oldest Skis

Oldest Board

Best trick


Mega Prize Raffle!

All proceeds are going to the Snowboard Outreach Society.

Brought to you by Stevens Pass and Retrosnow

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evo Rider Randa Shahin "Flaunting It" Up in BC

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evo Team Rider Randa Shahin not only does contests in the United States but she travels internationally as well. Well…Vancouver Canada…but you still have to cross a border. Randa made the trek up to the Great White North to Mt. Seymour for Billabong’s Flaunt It and placed 5th. Pretty awesome if you ask us! Check out the article on Transworld Snowboarding for details and more photos.

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New Arrival: Gravis Skate

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Just in at evo SeattleGravis Skateboarding shoes. Lifestyle-influenced skateboard shoes.

Look and feel awesome whether you skate or just want to look like you skate.

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Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife Because Rome's Stoken Ever'body!

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Did you think you could ever reach maximum Stoken-ness without leaving earth? Ya us either. But Rome Snowboard’s and The Summit at Snoqualmie are making it happen on March 26th.

For the fourth year Rome SDS brings you the end of season stoke you crave. Stoken is the un-contests of all contests. It’s a time to celebrate the shred season as it winds down and warms up, in a huge crew moving from feature to feature just having a good time.

The Stoken may include: all, some, or none of the following good times:

  • Reverse Limbo Ollie Bar – mad ups bro
  • One Hitters – could be a hip, quarter pipe, pipe, or on the chairlift
  • The Long Slash – spray and pray
  • Barrel Bonks – little tap, tap, taparoo
  • Mystery Flavor – could be anything…

We’ll all be traveling as a pack from feature to feature, sessioning each jib or event in a super loose good-times jam format. And while the Stoken isn’t about winning, we still want to hook up a few people displaying the largest stoke quantity with a few extra items.

  • First in Stoke – 2012 Mob Bindings
  • Second in Stoke – 2012 Rome Jacket
  • Third in Stoke – 2012 Rome Backpack

At the end of it all we’ll wrap it all up with a good ol’ product toss and possibly some hot dogs down in the parking lot.

Where: Summit Central at Snoqualmie

When: Saturday March 26th


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Team Update: Sky Rosveld's Fortunate Hitchhiking

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We don’t usually encourage hitchhiking because of all the horror movies that start out that way. But sometimes you get lucky and meet someone who is genuinely awesome, and that’s what happened to evo Team Rider Sky Rosveld.

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Event Recap: Ride Shakedown Takes Over the Summit at Snoqualmie

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The 2nd Annual Ride Shakedown went down at the Summit at Snoqualmie this last weekend…. thanks to everyone who came out to represent.  evo was on site waxing boards for free, hanging out with our friends from Ride, Camp of Champions, Snowboarder Magazine, and Arnette for 2 days of good times…and somehow we managed to even get some sun!

Big Air Results:

1st -Matts Kulisek
2nd -JYuki Kadono
3rd – Tyler Flannagan

Rail Jam Results:

1st – Jeremy Cloutier
2nd – Matts Kulisek
3rd – Johnny Lazz

On saturday, not only did the sun come out. All of the athletes sat down for an autograph signing and stoked out all of the kids that came out for the event.

We were on site hanging out handing out snacks, and slingin’ free waxes for days.

For the full photo album, check out our Facebook photo album!

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