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CWB Wakeboards Gives evo a Factory Tour

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The other day evo got the call. The call to head behind the scenes of CWB Wakeboards and Connelly Waterskis to see what is really going down- how it’s made. If you have ever watched the show “How It’s Made” then you know that it’s the deadpan narration that makes everything being made seem boring. Well let’s just say that being there in person and watching a waterski go from liquid foam and graphic sheets to a shred-able ski is pretty cool- and loud.

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ALEX Bottles: Coming Soon to evo

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Ever wonder what would happen if your iPod had a child with water bottle? Well the folks over at ALEX Bottle don’t need to because they have invented one of the most space-aged, reusable, and cleanable water bottles yet. ALEX stands for “Always Live EXtraordinarily”, and with a bottle like this, it’d be hard not to.

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Summer Shape-Up: (Literally) Free Running

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Skiing and snowboarding are great winter activities, but unless you can travel, you pretty much have to take a break from the snow in favor of sunning, roller blading, or surfing. We have all heard of the traditional “summer activities”, but how to keep it fresh? Well, welcome to Summer Shape-Up, a new series that will show you how to stay stoked during the off season.

If there is a common thread amongst the sports we love it is probably price. The fun stuff always seems to be the most expensive stuff as well. Skis, boards, bikes…these hobbies add up fast. We would like to introduce you to the most cost efficient sport there is: Free Running aka Parkour if you are more international.

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Accessorize for Summer with King Nerd Conrad

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Up in Seattle, we love the summer. Our lack of sunny days makes us really appreciate the sun when it is out and we make the most of it.  We carry a lot of good stuff on and at evo Seattle, and being so close to the store makes it impossible to not day dream about raiding the sunglass cases, grabbing a backpack, filling it with beverages, and hanging out at the beach all day long with your friends. Summer Dreaming Staff Picks is the place where we can put together our summer wish lists and show all of you what we are most excited about this summer.

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Sunglass Style Guide: Face Shape Matters

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Do you ever finally find a pair of sunglasses that you are so excited about then you put them on and realize that they do not fit your face? At all. Talk about an ultimate letdown. Turns out that face shape really dictates what style of frames look good on you, and more importantly, which ones don’t.

Face shape is one of those things that you don’t want to admit to yourself. Who wants to admit that they have a “square” face? Everyone is different and unique so why would we want to group our face shape in to one of six shapes? Well if you want to get some sunglasses that fit you’ll have to jump that hurdle or you’ll be accenting your square face with square shaped glasses, and that’s no good.

Determine Your Face Shape:

But first off: how do you determine your face shape? Well it’s fairly easy, but you have to start by being honest with yourself. Not everyone can have the “perfect” oval-shaped face. Not sure who came up with that, and who knows if they are even right, but it doesn’t matter.

All you need to measure your face shape is a well-lit mirror, a measuring tape, and a pen to write down your findings.

Step 1: Measure cheekbone to cheekbone.

Place the end of the tape just below your eye to find the top of your cheekbone.

Measure to the same point on the other side of your face.

Write down this number. Inches or cm. This guy’s was 6.5″.


Step 2: Measure Jaw Line

Feel below your ears to find the ends of your jawbone.

Measure from end of jawbone to end of jawbone around the bottom of your face.

Write that down too. This guy’s was 8.5″ one time and 9″ another time.


Step 3: Measure Face Length
Measure from the center of your hairline straight down over the front of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

Write that one down too. This guy’s was 8″.


Step 4: Measure Forehead Width
Measure the width of your forehead from hairline to hairline halfway between your eyebrows and top hairline.

Write this measurement down too. This guy’s was 5.5″.

Now take all your measurements and compare them to the six main face shapes. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t have an oval face, there are plenty of good sunglasses out there to fit any shape of face. A proper fitting sunglasses should be an opposite shape from your face to help compliment and soften your natural shape.  Below we have the different face shape types along with frame fitting tips that will help you find the best fit for your face.

Diamond Face Shape

You might have a diamond face if your jawline and forehead are narrow but your cheekbones are the widest part of your face.

Oval and rimless frames will help compliment your wide or high cheekbones.

Look for softly curved frames that are no wider than your cheekbones.

Look for frames that will help widen the rest of your face.


Heart-Shaped Face

You might have a heart-shaped face if you have a narrow jaw line with wide cheekbones and a wide forehead.

Look for sunglasses that draw attention to your eyes and for frames that balance your face.

Metal frames, rimless, and frames with a straight top line like aviators would fit you best.


Oval Shaped Face

You might be a lucky one and have an oval shaped face if the length of your face is 1.5 times the width.

They say that oval shaped faces are ideal and can wear any style frame of sunglasses.

You should experiment with the latest styles and not be afraid to just “go for it”. Sunglass-wise anyway.


Square Shaped Face

You could have a square shaped face is the width of your face is about equal to the length. Similar to a round face but with more angular features.

Look for sunglasses that will help reduce your strong angles like rounded and curvy styles.

Stay away from square shaped sunglasses as that will just pronounce your square-ness.

Cat-eye and oval sunglasses work well for this.


Round Shaped Face

A round shaped face is a a face that the length and width a about equal.

The goal for someone with a round face is to find sunglasses that make your face appear longer and thinner.

Look for frames that a equal or slightly wider than the widest part of your face.

Avoid round frames.

Lean toward straight and angular shaped frames.




Rectangular or Oblong Shaped Face

You could have an oblong face is your face is longer than it is wide, but not 1.5 times the width like an oval face.

Look for frames that are on the wide side. Horizontal lines will help widen your face.

A round frame will help balance a narrow chin or a high forehead.

Another trick you can do is to put on some sunglasses and smile. If the glasses rise up off the bridge of your nose then they do not fit your face. People with flatter faces and no bridges have a harder time finding sunglasses that fit them well, we recommend trying on as many pairs as possible. Go in open minded and you will be rewarded with the perfect pair of shades.

Finding your face shape will help you with more than just finding a good pair of sunglasses. It will also help when you are getting a haircut and if you put on any kind of makeup. Now that you know your face shape, shop our entire selection of sunglasses on or come in to evo Seattle, where the face-shape-experts are. Be sure to check out our Frame Style Guide so you know what you are getting yourself into.

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Stevens Pass Bike Park: A Community Effort

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With summer around the corner we are ramping up our Summer-Shape Up series.  This installment we turn to lift served mountain biking.  Whether a fixie in the city, pounding out a long, epic loop on a cross country bike or a dropping a ton of vertical on full fledged downhill rig, few things offer the same freedom as riding a bike. Some riders work hard all summer long to build out the perfect trail but rarely is it legal. Builders pour tons of hard work into their pirated trail while wondering not “if” their dirt masterpiece will be torn down, but “when”. With a growing popularity of the sport, resorts are following the lead of Whistler and using their exisiting infrastructure of lifts and trails for downhill and freeride mountain biking; turning ski areas into year-round resorts. evo Marketing and Team guru Chris Shalbot got to take a tour of the developing bike park at Stevens last week.

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Voleurz "Cat Skiing" Featuring KC Deane

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Congratulations to evo crew member KC Deane and Voleurz on their submission to the inaugural Intersection Filmmaking Contest at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler.  The Voleurz film crew poured shred and sweat in to the final edit for the 7-day contest and secured the gold-medal prize.  In case you missed it, click the link below to watch the award-winning “Cat Skiing.”

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Limited Edition Oakley Jupiter Camos Frogskins: Newly Arrived at evo

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We are pretty excited to be able to carry these new super-limited edition Jupiter Camo Frogskins. They will only be at evo Seattle, so if you are not in Seattle pick up one of those telephones and give our Customer Service crew a ring and they can send some out to you. Check out what Oakley had to say about them:

“Our very first dual-lens sunglass was called Frogskins®, and ever since, we’ve had a thing for leapfrogging the competition. We even had a mascot Frog named “Jupiter” for a while. The green and yellow of his slippery skin (along with the red of his eyes) inspired the colors of our Jupiter Camo Collection.

The styles are a salute to the early days when evolution became revolution, and performance crawled out of the slime to walk upright. It has carried our icon ever since, and these rarities carry history in their radical renditions.

This is it, the first dual-lens sunglass style ever created by Oakley. It’s a blast from the past with colors that commemorate a mascot frog from our early years. Screen printing and our vintage logo dress the earstems, and the +Red IRIDIUM® lenses boost visual contrast and balance light for sun-blasted days. O Matter® frame material keeps things lightweight and comfortable all day long. Jupiter Camo Frogskins come with a metal frog/icon pin and a custom Microclear™ bag to store the frame and help you keep the lenses clean and sharp.”

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Summer Shape-Up: Sandboarding

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We know that it is getting to be that time of year where the snow is starting to melt, most resorts are closed or closing soon, and you still want to shred. We feel your pain. Summer Shape-Up is here to give you options to keep the stoke level up even during the upcoming summertime drought.

Last time we were talking about surfing big waves on skis and that kind of got us thinking that a sand dune is basically a big, slow moving wave of sand. Why not shred that too? Apparently sandboarding is pretty popular with people in parts of the world that never get any snow but they are still into board sports. Well, we are into them for inspiring us.

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Seattle Girl Summer Dreaming Staff Pick

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Up in Seattle, we love the summer. Our lack of sunny days makes us really appreciate the sun when it is out and we make the most of it. Some of the best things about the summer are getting outside, getting some sun, and most importantly: updating your wardrobe. We carry a lot of good stuff on and at evo Seattle, and being so close to the store makes it impossible to not day dream about doing a complete fashion makeover shopping spree after payday. Summer Dreaming Staff Picks is the place where we can put together our summer wish lists and show all of you what we are most excited about this summer.

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