2014 Burton Snowboards Sneak Peek

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Burton Nug

By Jake Garrett, Seattle, WA: The evo crew rolled over to the Sales Asylum, AKA the Burton Showroom in Seattle. We wanted to get a sneak peek at the 2014  Burton Snowboards and we can confidently say that the future is awesome! So here they are…coming in hot later this summer.

2014 Burton Family Tree Cloudsplitter Snowboard

Burton Snowboards 2014

Burton’s new Cloudspitter is a blast from the past. Completely directional down to the flex, with a legendary swallow tail shape, the Cloudspitter is bringing new school technologies to old school designs. If you’re a seasoned rider spending your winters chasing powder, than you’re going to want to give this board a ride.

2014 Burton Family Tree Landlord Snowboard

Burton Snowboards 2014

The new Landlord is taking directional pow sticks to the next level. This is Terje’s new ride when he’s killing it in the backcountry. The Landlord may be directional in shape and flex, but when you’re flying down flats, you’ll get a balance only achieved by twin boards for a poppy responsive ride. Directional float with freestyle spirit, don’t sleep on the new Landlord.

2014 Burton Family Tree Trick Pony Snowboard

Burton Snowboards 2014

Burton’s new Trick Pony is turning backcountry terrain into your own personal park. This board is built with a true twin design to keep it freestyle in nature, while staying stacked to excel when you’re cruising through deep snow.  For all you freeriders who like to stay airborne, this board is for you.

2014 Burton Family Tree Day Trader Snowboard- Womens

Burton Snowboards 2014

This is evo Team Rider Kimmy Fasani’s very own board for floating and flowing through deep powder. Built with a directional shape and flex and a women’s specific core, this board will have any lady shredder loving every moment of those deep powder days. This is the board that Kimmy Fasani rides!


2014 Burton Barracuda Snowboard

Burton Snowboards 2014

The 2014 Burton Barracuda is a board made to be ridden wherever the heck you want. Front, backcountry it doesn’t matter one bit to this aggressive fish. With a directional shape and flex you can charge hard down the most difficult terrain with confidence. Burton’s Raduction Level: 3 claims that you can ride this board 2-3 cm shorter than your normal length due to enhanced side effects, a modified squeezebox and a wider waist width.


2014 Burton Social Restricted Snowboard – evo Seattle only

 Burton Snowboards 2014

For the lady jibbers and park rats, Burton has heard your cries. New to the 2014 Burton lineup is the extra flexy Social (Restricted). Featuring the new Filet-O-Flex technology, the Social is hands-down the most powerful “soft” board on the market.

2014 Burton Lip Stick Restricted –evo Seattle only

Burton Snowboards 2014

2014 Burton Lipstick Snowboard

Burton Snowboards 2014

If you thought the 2013 Burton Lip-Stick was good, the 2014 Burton Lip-Stick is even better. Last year’s model was recognized by the industry as being a top contender for women riders; the 2014 model should be no different. The new Lip-Stick features the latest evolution in forgiving rocker for a smoother faster ride. If there really was a board that could do it all, this would be the one.

The Lip-Stick also comes in a Restricted model featuring all the same tech, but serving a greater purpose. The graphics were designed through collaboration with Lifebeat: Music Fights HIV/AIDS, to ensure you that your money is going to the right place.

2014 Burton Easy Livin Snowboard

Burton Snowboards 2014

When you’re riding the Easy Livin you’re riding with Jimi. Part of Danny Davis’esess latest collection of boards, this freestyle, pow-hungry machine features the legendary Jimi Hendrix as part of the graphics. The twin shape and directional flex, topped off with the signature Flying V™ rocker, makes this a one of a kind board you definitely want to keep an eye out for.

2014 Burton Custom Flying V Restricted and Custom Restricted – evo Seattle only

Burton Snowboards 2014

New to the 2014 lineup is the Custom Flying V (Restricted). Sexier and more aggressive compared to the regular directional alter-ego, the Restricted version is twinned out and features graphics that may make you want to throw your board on a wall and just look at it. Babes in bikinis, twin shape, premium technologies, and softer flex, the new Custom Flying V (Restricted) might just be perfect.

2014 Burton Nug –  only at evo Seattle

Burton Snowboards 2014

The 2014 Burton Nug is a V-Rocker True Twin board that is built for riding the whole mountain. With Burton’s new Jumper Cables, this board offers greater pop and snap when powering through your turns. The Super Fly, Dualzone EGD core and a sintered base make this board a multi-season, multi-purpose all-mountain attacker.


More about the Burton Family Tree
The Burton research and development team has been hard at work with their 2013-2014 Burton Snowboard line; their main focus this year was building a snowboard line that dealers and riders can more easily navigate and understand. evo got the opportunity to see firsthand what all the hype was about at this year’s SnowSports Industries of America. For those of you who don’t know SIA is a ski and snowboard trade show that takes place in Denver Colorado, where companies come from around the world to show their product lines for the following year. Returning for its second season, the Family Tree line features an entirely new line-up of shapes designed with Burton’s Team Riders that offer new ways of thinking about freeride shaping. Each model Burton produces has its own graphic theme and construction techniques, with their core profiles being 40% thinner than traditional board constructions, giving you strength, durability and grip that you can get from a soft playful flexing board. As for the rest of their line, Burton has cleaned up a lot of the shapes that are no longer needed, evolved them and continued to trickle technologies and materials. You should be stoked because the 2013-2014 Burton Snowboard Line is by far the most exciting line to date.

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Burton Snowboards

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