Skis And The Artist Behind Them [Behind The Art]
Skis And The Artist Behind Them [Behind The Art]

Skis And The Artist Behind Them [Behind The Art]

Behind the Art: Skis and the Artist Behind Them
[Behind The Art] is a series that evo created to explore the products we love and the artists behind them.

By Mattias Bailey, Seattle, WA: You may have noticed that ski designs have changed a little bit since the good ol’ days of the K2 three-stripe. While features like twin-tip, reverse camber and wide-waists have completely changed the ski industry, graphics have kept pace and changed at an equally progressive rate.

Where once there were solid colors and linear designs, now there are pirate ships, wolves and zombies.  Across the ski industry, brands are putting out works of art worthy of putting up on the wall. There are some individuals in particular that show up again and again with killer designs. Below are just a few of our favorites, here at evo, that we want to share with you.

Eric Pollard: Line Skis

2014 Line SkisEric Pollard's Art

Many skiers might know that evo team rider, Eric Pollard, has a wee hand in Line’s products, but you may be surprised to discover just how many skis he has made the graphics for – lots. Some of my personal favorites include the 2007 Bacon and Elizabeths, the 2012 EP Pros and the 2013 Mr. Pollard’s Opus. Not to mention his own ski pole, the Paintbrush, and past collaborations with brands such as DakineDragon, and Bern. Check out his paintings, you might see familiar themes showing up here and there.

Travis Parr: Icelantic Skis

Travis Parr PaintingIcelantic skis

Call him the Lil’ B of ski graphics, you would be hard pressed to find another person with as many art creds in their ski portfolio as Travis Parr. While Mr. Parr has collaborated with 686 and Quiksilver, he has worked extensively with Icelantic skis, creating the graphics for the 08-09, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13 and (soon) 13-14 models. In other words, Parr has created almost all of Icelantic’s graphics since their inception.

From year to year, you can trace his artistic evolution and find cohesive themes and patterns in the graphics – part of what makes Travis Parr’s art so interesting. This year (13-14), look for sculptural and tribal influences and a 3D medium used across the line of Icelantic.

Christopher Everhart: Moment Skis

Chris Everhart for Moment Skis

Christopher Everhart is a very successful illustrator with a large portfolio of distinguished and original work. He has probably worked with at least one of your favorite musicians, but for our purposes, his work with Moment Skis should be highlighted. Mr. Everhart has to his credit three of the coolest designs I have ever seen. The mind numbing Moment Ghost Chants of years past and their current incantation, the Ghost Train, as well as the ever popular Bibby Pro models. The Bibbys seemingly paint the story of a brother and sister’s adventure across the different years’ models.

Lunar Solar Creative: ON3P Skis

ON3P Line Up 2013 

L/S Creative was worked with all of NewSchoolers’ favorite companies: ON3P, Jiberish, 4bi9 and Saga Outerwear. Their work with ON3P includes skis, shirts and general swag. L/S’s style on the skis can be described as a mix of print, texture, and photography. The company is comprised of Ben Kuhns (photographer) and Trevor Woods, who doubles as a creative director for ON3P.

Abe Kislevitz: 4FRNT Skis

4frnt skis graphics

You have probably seen Abe’s work in some form or another without even realizing it. He has worked extensively with 4FRNT and GoPro, as well as the Winter X Games. He has been working with 4FRNT for 8 years now and has a ton of design credits with them, including 6 versions of the MSP and 2 of the Switchblade. Abe’s work has focused on exposing the wood core with clear topsheets and then integrating the core into vector based designs. Those two elements have become a big part of 4FRNT’s ski designs. Another piece of Mr. Kislevitz’s portfolio is his photography and video, which have appeared in GoPro’s last two major launches (very cool) and Winter X Games (also very cool).

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