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2016 Sneak Peek: Backcountry Safety Products & News

Backcountry Safety

Get your 2016 backcountry sneak peek right here...

Yurt Skiing With Epic Montana


When one of my most adventurous, fun-loving friends called that night, I knew it was in my best interest to answer...It was time to go Yurt Skiing.

Cancelled: Join us for the Women of Winter Backcountry Clinic

Women's Backcountry Clinic

JOIN US FOR THE WOMEN OF WINTER BACKCOUNTRY CLINIC [UPDATE] By Sunny Fenton, Seattle, WA: The Women of Winter Backcountry Clinic has been cancelled due to lack of interest and snow. Thank you for your interest. Please check back in with

How To Cook On Your Snowmobile And Be The Envy Of Your Friends.

Cooking with Snowmobile

HOW TO COOK WITH YOUR  SNOWMOBILE AND HOW TO BE AWESOME AT IT! By Simeon Park: Here at evo, we find after hours of riding in the cold, a frozen sandwich just doesn’t cut it. Same with the thousands of energy

Setting Boundaries in the Backcountry

Boundaries in the Backcountry

We cannot emphasize enough that all of this is for the unfortunate event that someone gets caught in an avalanche, but what you really want to do is to avoid that situation from occurring at all.

Mountain Education Classes at Stevens Pass

Now that you have your avalanche gear, you need to learn how to use it. Head up to Stevens Pass for a series of classes on backcountry safety

The 4th Backcountry Essential: Avalanche Airbag Packs


It seems like everyone is talking about avalanche airbags, the newest piece of backcountry gear in the whole avalanche safety equation. Airbags first debuted as an out-of-reach pro- and guide-level backpack.

Scott Rinckenberger’s: An Elevated State now showing at evo Seattle

This month evo opened its first gallery at the new store, and there could be nobody better then Scott Rinckenberger and his new photo series An Elevated State to be our first guest in the new gallery!

Education is Essential in the Backcountry. Find Out Where to get Schooled.


Okay, so you have run through the checklist. You have all of the backcountry necessities. Avalanche beacon, check. Shovel, check. Probe, check. Backpack to carry it all, check.

Women of Winter Backcountry Clinic @ Crystal Mountain

Join Crystal Mountain, evo and SheJumps for a female backcountry clinic. Thursday April 7th – We’ll start out with a classroom session at evo in Seattle April 7. Pick up your goodie bag and discuss backcountry safety with top Crystal