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Spacecraft "Sugar Water" October Gallery at evo Seattle Followed by the Premier of Standard Films "TB20"

Come check out the October installation at the evo Timesinfinity Gallery- Spacecraft’s “Sugar-Water” exhibit. Featuring art from Stefan Hofmann, the W3 Collective, Electric Coffin, Patrick Lennox Wright, and Scott Sullivan. 6-9pm at evo Seattle 122 NW 36th St Seattle, WA

The 4FRNT Project: A Collection of Rider Inspired Art- Gallery Opening Recap

It felt like summer, but 4FRNT Skis brought evo it’s first taste of winter last Friday night with The 4FRNT Project: A Collection of Rider Inspired Art. They brought in original art from our favorite skis, from artists like Max

evo Timesinfinity September Gallery: The 4FRNT Project- A Collection of Rider Inspired Art

Check out the art and the artists that influence your favorite skis, presented by 4FRNT. Displaying art from Max Neutra (LA), Yale Wolf (Seattle), Harry Lau (Portland), Greg Lipp (Aspen), and Jacob Van Leeuwen. Opening Sept 2, 2011 6-9PM evo

Tessa Hulls: evo Timesinfinity August Gallery Installation

Join us Friday August 5th from 6-9pm to check out some amazing art from Tessa Hulls. Inspired by the contradictory yearnings for wanderlust and roots, Oh, That Sweet Unrest is a series of paintings conceived while on a solo 5,000

Hired Hands: evo Employee Art Gallery Recap

While the Employee Art Gallery at evo Seattle wasn’t overrun by hordes of flesh eating Zombies this year, it still ended up being a great time. On July 1st as part of the Fremont First Friday Art Walk, the Timesinfinity

Hired Hands: evo Employee Art Gallery

We get a lot of talented artists coming through the Timesinfinity Gallery on a monthly basis and sometimes it’s easy to overlook the incredible talent we have right here at evo. Join us on Friday July 1st from 6-9pm for

June Gallery: Future Archeology by Steve Lestat

Ever wonder what life-size replicas of your favorite spaceships and ray guns would look like? Well wonder no longer. Join us in the Timesinity Gallery on June 3rd for Future Archeology by Steve Lestat. Friday June 3, 2011 6-9pm evo

May Art Gallery: Justin Kane Elder

evo is pleased to have Justin Kane Elder in the Timesinfinity Gallery for the month of May. In addition to being in the gallery, Justin will also be painting our gigantic West Wall and has work up at our favorite

Event Recap: Clark Little April Gallery

Last Friday it may have been pouring rain in Seattle all day but it was all about sunny beaches and perfect waves inside evo thanks to some amazing photography from Clark Little. This is the second time we have been

Gallery Opening: Clark Little Surf Photography

What a better way to exit the winter-blues and start thinking about summer than with a Clark Little surf photography show. We are very fortunate to have Clark Little back at evo for a second time and are looking forward