evoFest II event | Recap and Photos

evoFest II event | Recap and Photos

All eyes on the dancing. 

Let me start off by saying thanks to everyone who was able to make it down.  evoFest just keeps getting better and better and its all thanks to the great mix of people this event brings in.  Fraggle Rock put on a killer show and the Pyramid beer was so delicious we tapped all the kegs!  Shout outs to Verizon Wireless and Scion for make this whole thing possible.  Those of you who couldn’t make it we hope to see ya next year!  Hey, for any of you who made it down, check out the photos from the event below

I don’t know about you but this was my first taste of the breakdancing scene and now I’m hooked!  The moves these guys were busting out were so wild it was like a pack of untamed horses on the floor.    Forget Flashdance, the level of skill shown that night was like watching super heros duke it out on the moon.  Seriously dude, the moon. 

If you want to check out the level of breakdancing today watch Planet B-Boy.  It’s got the raddest breakdancing on the planet and the storyline will bring you to tears.  I didn’t cry but you will.  I didn’t cry, I swear.  Alright, maybe a little… 

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