evo Art Gallery Exhibit | The Sanctuary Art Center Group Show

evo Art Gallery Exhibit | The Sanctuary Art Center Group Show

SANCTUARY ART CENTER Group Show at evo TimesInfinity Gallery

For the month of August we will be featuring works by the talented youth from across Seattle who attend The Sanctuary Art Center.  Its pretty incredible to see the passion and dedication put forth by these kids and the commitment from the people who support the organization and who believe in them.   Come by to check out the gallery, meet some of the artists and get inspired… the fun starts @ 7pm!!!!

Art as an agent for healing . . . .

The Sanctuary Art Center is a multi-faceted art studio for homeless and street involved youth. Our mission is to create a safe, warm, calm environment for these youth to experience creativity and success through the use of various artistic media. The pieces selected for the show here at the TimesInfinity Gallery provide a variety of expressions of this mission. The guests that we are privileged to serve are survivors of social injustice. Their art work is sometimes a reflection of the past, sometimes a portrait of the present and sometimes a plan for the future. In all cases it is their truth. The creative process allows our guests to define themselves on their own terms without judgment. It is a key ingredient in their journey towards healing and a life off the street. We hope these images inspire you into action so that you may experience the joy of helping others.

How do I support the Artists?
Buy Some Art- 90% of all sales go directly to the artist. These funds are often used for food and clothing but more importantly they provide youth with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Donate– The Sanctuary Art Center is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit agency that relies almost entirely on private donations to operate. Donations may be made by using the envelopes provided or online at www.sanctuaryartcenter.org.

Volunteer- We are currently accepting volunteer applications for all of our programs. For more information contact Caroline Falt at volunteer@sanctuaryartcenter.org.

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