Snowcat boarding & skiing at Baldface Lodge in Nelson BC

Snowcat boarding & skiing at Baldface Lodge in Nelson BC

This last week a couple lucky retailers from all across the country got to experience Baldface Lodge for some catskiing and boarding thanks to Skullcandy.  The lodge is in Nelson BC, across the Canadian border north of Spokane, Washington.  Definitely make it a point to visit Baldface sometime in your lifetime, preferably while you are still spry and your knees are in tact, because this place is incredible.

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Man, how do you begin to describe this place??? There is varying terrain for all ability levels, 36,000 acres of bowls, peaks, and steep trees to be exact…let your imagination do the work!!!  If you took the best day on hill in your life, spinkle some world class meals, a dash of the coolest crew and great hospitality, top it off with a couple retailers and the Skullcandy crew and then multiply that by 3 you get one of the best trips ever!  Its not your typical resort operation. After 3 days here with Jeff and his crew you’re gonna feel like you have a family up there at Baldface, they really make you feel like you’re at home.

The trip started out in Spokane, Washington where everyone pretty much flew in, where we had a charter bussed lined up and waiting to shuttle us north thru the border to Nelson BC.

Once in Nelson we regrouped as they shuttled us up to the lodge in helicopters.

You can’t help but feel like you’re in M*A*S*H when loading the heli!!! :)

It was nice of Skullcandy and Baldface to call in the blue bird for our heli flight!

Comin’ in HOT to Baldface Lodge…

A view of the lodge from Craig Kelly’s cross up on the ridge.

Time for arrival drinks in the lodge.

Inside the main lodge, hanging out w/ the Zumiez crew.

View of the Valhallas in the background.

Gorio and Cooper on Baldface Peak!

We spent 3 full days up there.  Every morning would kick off with a session of stretching around 6a, which was followed up by a full breakfast, and we were out on the hill for the rest of the day.  There were 3 groups out on 3 different cats that crawled the 36,000 acres of terrain.  Our guides did an incredible job of sniffing out the powder and the good stuff despite the lack of any significant snowfall in recent days. Avy conditions weren’t the best either, but we felt incredibly safe with our guide crew.

At the end of the day we were usually sufficiently tired… we usually took advantage of massages, the sauna, power naps, and happy hour till it was dinner time.  Dinner each night top the previous night both in portion size and in selection…salmon, steak, you name it! After dinner, dessert was accompanied by story time by Skullcandy Founder Rick Alden, as well as a guest appearance from one of  the local crew or supporting cast from the Skullcandy crew.

Kate leading the charge!

The helipad on our last day kind of made me teary eyed.  It was sad to leave, but i guess all good things must come to an end right?  Big thanks to Skullcandy for producing some incredible headphones and accessories and for showing us an incredible time.  It was such a cool experience to have visited Baldface and to get some one on one time with the guys and gals behind the scenes of Skullcandy, they’re defintiely a huge part of the evo family and always will be…big things to come from them, stay tuned!!!

Check out this promo video from Baldface and if you’re interested in checking this place out, visit!

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