Backcountry Essentials: Don't be caught without them

Backcountry Essentials: Don't be caught without them


All those fresh tracks, untouched snow, and no crowds make the backcountry seem pretty inviting. The backcountry can be one of the most-awesomest places ever, but it can also be one of scariest and most dangerous places if you are not prepared. We have put together a list of all the ‘essentials’ you would need in the backcountry to be prepared and safe. What do you know? We carry all of this stuff on and at evo Seattle. Shop the evo Alpine Shop to save 20% off backcountry gear right now.

Avalanche beacon: Don’t leave the boundaries of the ski resort without one. Make sure all of your crew has one. If you are the only one with a beacon it won’t do anyone much good. It’d be like having only one walkie-talkie.

Backpack: Gotta keep all your gear somewhere. Might as well get a comfortable one with lots of pockets and streamlined for hiking and skiing/snowboarding.

Shovel: Important. Worst case scenario you have to dig someone out of a slide. Best case scenario you are building kickers.

Avalanche Probe: Important to know how to use this with your group while searching. Worth taking a class.

Extra Gloves: Cold hands suck. (PS a park glove won’t keep you from getting frostbite.)

Extra Layer: You might not be cold when you’re moving around, but after stopping for a while you realize how cold it is.

Water: No-brainer. If it’s really cold you might want to bring some hot tea or something instead of water so it does not freeze.

Sunblock, First Aid Kit, Snowboard or Ski tool, Food, a map, matches or lighter, phone.

Being well-prepared and educated on the dangers of the backcountry will only allow you to have more fun and go out even further, confidently.

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