Holden Outerwear 2012 Sneak Peek

Holden Outerwear 2012 Sneak Peek

We were lucky to be able to sit down at SIA with Holden founder and snowboard legend, Mikey LeBlanc and learn a little more about Holden. There are a lot of snowboard and ski outerwear companies out there but none quite as original as Holden. We got to learn about Mike’s goals of creating a “timeless” style and their constant eco-friendly focus.

Can you give us a quick background on Holden?
Holden started in 2002. We wanted to deliver products that people felt good in. At the time we thought there was too much baggy clothing and we wanted to see some momentum move to more of a steetwear style that reflected what we liked to wear of the hill.

Do you design you line with any thought to the regional trend differences in snowboarding?
We design Holden in collections and don’t really think too much about regions. Function is a huge part of our design process. Since we are based in Portland, we need outerwear that will stand the test of the NW. If it can pass there then it can pretty much pass anywhere.

What do you think about the outerwear crossover between ski and snowboard?
Holden is designed as an outerwear company and not a snowboard specific outerwear company. We have a saying: “Thank you for being you.” We design outerwear for everyone, weather you consider it a snowboard jacket, a ski jacket or a street jacket we don’t really care. For us it’s about everyone.

Is eco-friendliness still a focus for Holden?
We started the eco-friendly thing in 2004 which was pretty early in the game. We used to separate our line into “eco friendlier” but now we try to spread that same process throughout the line. In 2012 100% of our line will be eco-friendlier.

What do you think about the current state of snowboard style and how do you see it moving forward?
I think that it is starting to get fun again. People are moving more toward the fashion thing and there are a lot of small brands doing really cool things. It’s exciting to see people getting back to the core and see some true perspectives in style.

What line are you most excited about for next year?
We are excited to bring timeless styles to the market. We strive to design outerwear pieces that have timeless quality and make something that you can pull out 10 years later and it’s still good.