Summer Shape-Up: Ski the Streets

Summer Shape-Up: Ski the Streets

Skiing and snowboarding are great winter activities, but unless you travel to the Southern Hemisphere or go down to Mt. Hood in the summer, you pretty much give them up in favor for BBQ’ing, skateboarding, or wakeboarding. But what if you could ski and snowboard all summer long? You’d probably be into that wouldn’t you? Welcome to a new series on the evo blog, Summer Shape-Up, that will show you how to stay in shape over the summer and continue that feeling of bottomless powder as much as possible.


A lot of us over here at evo ski all winter long then when spring comes around and the mountains close we act like we have just been in a rock band for the last 15 years touring and now the tour is over. What do you do next? Re-live the glory days through stories and old youtube videos of yourself? Lock yourself in a room and don’t admit that it is over with? (i.e. Brian Wilson style) Or maybe you pick up surfing or wakeboarding to tide you over for the snowless months.Well check this out:


After a quick Youtube search we found maybe the best solution yet. Longboarding is pretty cool, but what if there was ski-equivalent? Apparently there is.

We feel like this video only breaks the ice of what these babies are capable of. Sure you can see the “cardiovascular benefits” of this sport, but that wouldn’t be as fun as getting x-treme with it. We can think of plenty of hills around Seattle that could be shredded with these summer-skis. What about that college 40 stair set pillow line just waiting to be ripped? The possibilities are seemingly endless.


As a matter of fact. why do you even have to stay on the street? Get some bigger wheels and even more “urban lines” open up. Cliff drops, sidewalk slalom courses, un-mowed grass powder fields…those are just a few of the things you could do with these.

Just because the “season” is ending doesn’t mean you fun or stoke-level is ending, check back throughout the spring and summer for more ways to have a non-bummer summer.

Maybe you knew this and maybe you didn’t but the summer can be one of the best times to buy gear to get ready for the winter. We always have a ton of good stuff on our evo outlet site and on, so you can cure those summer blues.

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