Agenda Huntington Beach Recap and Spring 2012 Apparel Preview

Agenda Huntington Beach Recap and Spring 2012 Apparel Preview

A couple weeks ago, evo headed down to sunny Huntington Beach California, a block from the ocean, but alas we didn’t get to beach bum it up per se. We were there for business. That’s right, we were at the Agenda Trade Show. Although Agenda is a fairly young trade show, it has been growing rapidly and literally outgrowing their venue. Originally intended to fit in the Hyatt’s conference rooms, Agenda quickly outgrew that space and some brands were set up in a massive, air-conditioned tent in the Hyatt parking lot. Just like SIA is to our winter business, Agenda is important to our apparel, footwear, and accessories business. While our buyers were busy buying, we were able to cruise around the show and check out some of next spring’s hottest gear.

The Insight line had a good 60’s hippie feel to it with lots of washed out colors and some mellow pastels. You can see some of that here in the women’s denim.

Collect the whole series of Toy Machine skateboards!

The spring Volcom line was all about “Pure Fun” and their women’s line had a very So-Cal beach vibe to it. Their line is about being able to transition from day-time wear to night-time wear without having to go home and change. That’s what we’re talking about!

If you are not a sandal person but don’t want to get into some Crocs, Native shoes are a good route to check out. One-piece molded EVA foam shoes are comfortable and lightweight. Be sure to check out their boot line for this fall too, if you are into weightless footwear.

evo buyer and store manager Jake taking a look at Makia, a new line out of Finland that we’ll be getting next spring. Check out a more in-depth look at Makia with more photos coming soon.

The Obey booth was one of the busier booths at the show. Their line had a good retro military feeling to it. We were fans of the bag line which featured lots of canvas and leather accents. Be sure to check out our in-depth feature on Obey as well.

The US Open of Surfing happened to be going on across the street from Agenda and we were able to sneak out for a little while to check it out. Needless to say we felt over-dressed just by wearing shirts.

Thanks to Skullcandy we got a great view of the contest, saw some ripping womens surf action, and some free lunch.

Another booth that was a hard one to walk by because it was so crowded all the time was the RVCA booth. Their spring line had a lot of 80’s influence a la Sixteen Candles . RVCA is making a big push to reinvigorate their Artist Network Program as well, so be on the lookout for lots of artist-designed product from t shirts to wallets and other accessories.

The Kr3w booth stayed pretty busy during the day and got even busier when they started to give out free beers.

Drew from Arbor was showing us their spring apparel line- which looked awesome- made from bamboo and in the US! Check back for an in-depth from Arbor too.

The Brixton spring line brought in a good mix of motocycle style with a classic American workwear look and ruggedness to their clothes. Of course their hats are always solid and make you want to not want to get haircuts anymore.

The Quiksilver women’s line for spring brings a good mix of sophistication and bohemian beach style. Inspired by “water” and “color”, many pieces had a good artsy feel to them. Our showing was complete with a live-action human model. Look for big things from the Quiksilver Women’s line next year.

Lifetime Collective is a brand from Vancouver, BC, but just because they are from Canada that doesn’t mean they cannot be fashionable. We have been into Lifetime for a while at evo and carry a pretty good selection of their gear. Their spring line was a mix of Americana, workwear, and southwestern influence.

We hope you got a good look at what it’s like to be at a streetwear tradeshow like Agenda. Make sure you look out for our in-depth features from brands like Obey, RVCA, Volcom Womens, Arbor, Makia and Brixton– complete with even more photos.


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