Teaser Fever: evo's Review of the Latest Ski Teasers

Teaser Fever: evo's Review of the Latest Ski Teasers

As always social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have been spewing Vimeo and YouTube links.  Some are useless viral videos good for a few laughs but others resonate and address the issue which summer brings to most of us… the desire to be back on snow.  In the past few weeks teasers from film companies are being posted and shared.  Every year it is an unwritten expectation that the quality of filming and riding raises the bar and the 2011 releases from these film companies don’t fall short.  Judging by the teasers we are in for big things on the screen this fall at these premieres.  Without further ado here are the trailers for Poorboyz Productions, Level 1, MSP and TGR all which have tour dates scheduled here in Seattle and a town near you.

Poorboyz Productions “Grand Bizarre”

With the addition of 3 new full time filmers, how will this stack up and will it keep to Poorboyz successful recipe of pleasing both the BC/Mini Golf lovers and the progressive park riders.  The release of their 2011 offering Grand Bizaare looks to push it once again based on the teaser.  The song choice was spot on. It fit well with the high consequence, urban shots Nick, Cam and Clayton produced as well the sheer creativeness of Simon’s cube pipe feature at Squaw. I expect a solid, well rounded segment from Dane Tudor, and another soon to be classic Tim Durtschi segment.  We will probably see Sammy and Bobby push the limit of what can be done on large park jump, but what’s new about that?  How will the rest of the movie stack up? We will have to wait for the always-fun world premiere in Seattle

Seattle and World Premier: Sept 9th at the King Kat Theater

Level 1 “After Dark”

Berman and Level 1 drop the trailer for their 12th film release, “After Dark”, and it became my hands-down favorite trailer purely for the execution of the artist dream element.  Set to a trippy Caribou remix, the rapid, quick action shots combined with frightening flashes of axes and wandering foreign streets only add to the delusional state of mind.  The effort and energy that went into this trailer is second to none and it shows giving every shot a purpose and building on its theme. Bordering between dream and nightmare, the After Dark trailer leaves you wondering “what was that?” as you try and remember the subconscious visions you just saw.

Seattle Premier: Sept 17th at evo Seattle as part of the 4FRNT YLE ski launch

Matchstick Productions “Attack of the La Nina”

The title sounded corny to me at first but after seeing the cover art it grew on me. Last winter’s La Nina weather pattern produced storm after storm blanketing North America and brought some of the deepest snowfall on record.  The teaser builds on the energy that came from these pounding storms, the adventure of chasing them and the reward of all time conditions. But the shoots weren’t just reserved for deep BC lines, MSP teamed with resorts and went on location to build huge park features including Stevens Pass.  With lines of a lifetime, gnarly crash sound bites and park shoots that keep pushing what is humanly possible, MSP’s latest release is full of artistic angles and banger shots that falls nothing short of amazing. They leave you wanting more.

Seattle Premier: Oct 5th at the King Kat Theater

Teton Gravity Research “One for the Road”

In my opinion TGR has always done the best job of tying the experience of different cultures and travel into their films. The adventure of skiing isn’t always on the snow.  Road trips and exploration of the beaten path has helped TGR create a successful recipe.  The teaser starts off slow with narration that resembles Sam Elliot’s character in the Big Lebowski.  At about the halfway point the tempo picks up and a wild ride ensues.  One for the Road stays true to their roots, and gives the viewer perspective of life of as nomad traveling from one snow filled experience to another.  Highlights include Sage skiing lines faster than I thought possible and the addition of Nick Martini and Mike Riddle provide your machine-made jumps fix.  Dash Longe sends a 720 off of what appears to be 50ft cliff with style and Chris Benchetler should have more than a few shots in there as well (Good to see him on the big screen.)  I think the highlight for me will be the introduction of the cable cam in a BC shoot.  It’s been used in bike films for a long time now and the shot of Grete charging BC pillows brings a new perspective and new options for the viewer.  TGR should round out the 4 big companies well and leave all of here in Seattle ready for winter.

Seattle Premier: Oct 20th at the King Kat Theater

Check back for more teaser previews and Seattle show dates or check out some of the upcoming snowboard teasers from our last Teaser Fever.




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