Travel Tips From Real Travelers: evo’s ‘La Presidente’

Travel Tips From Real Travelers: evo’s ‘La Presidente’

The President of the United States travels in Air Force 1 with an entourage of press, aides, and secret service. He goes wherever he wants, stays in the “presidential” suites and never has to take his shoes off to go through security. Our evo president does not have a lot in common with the US President besides a similar sounding job title. If you are a real traveler, you can’t rely on an entourage of people to feed, protect, and escort you to your destinations on time- you do it yourself. Being prepared is the only way. Learn how bringing a wide variety of snacks can tide you over and even work as bribes to get bumped up to first class.

Who are you and what do you do?
Atsuko. I’m the “la presidente” at evo.

Why do you travel so much?
For work, and for play!

Where is your favorite place to travel for work?
I’ve liked Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago the best out of the all of the places I’ve had to travel for work.

What are some things that you can’t travel without?
Snacks to eat on the plane, or if I get stuck some place. I always have snacks and gum. Snacks like…a Snickers bar, Chex Mix, Trident Spearmint gum, Life Saver Wild Berries, and Keebler cheese and crackers. Sounds like a kids meal but hey, ever been stuck on a plane where they make you pay for $10 peanuts and you’re starving?
Water bottle- I always have one filled up before I get on the plane. I also accept water and juice when it’s offered because you never know if you need water!
Running shoes and one apparel set to run in “just in case” I get a chance. I also will pack swimming stuff in case I have access to a pool but these days that’s more wishful thinking. A book to read, journal and a great pen, and a functional daypack.

What is something that you always seem to forget?
I’m usually good about not forgetting stuff, but when I do, it’s usually my phone or lap top charger. Also, something like “hair conditioner” which seems vain but have you tried to brush long hair after using hotel shampoos…? Ouch.

What is your favorite travel bag?
I am torn between the Dakine Campus and the Patagonia Atacama backpack. They both hold everything I need and come in cool color options. The Patagonia bag is equipped with a hydration system and has a dry compartment to put wet clothes or a wetsuit in. So it just depends on where I am going.

I would love to get a new wheeled bag that I could carry on, but also check. The Dakine Over Under Bag might be one but I’d have to check it out, as I have some that work well for me now.

Do you carry-on or check your bags? Why?
Check. I used to carry on but it’s not worth the stress anymore. I think travelers are way too aggressive and inconsiderate in both the amount of luggage they carry on, as well as where they place it in the cabin. Being short, I’ve often been pushed out of where my bag would go, and then I end up having it checked anyway. Sure, I risk losing my bag, and it takes that time to wait for it. But I find that time to be one where I can regroup and take a breather rather than unnecessarily rushing.

Do you have any travel tips you can share?
1. Roll your clothes – you can fit more and they seem to wrinkle less.
2. Keep your socks on in the hotel rooms…! Floors are nasty.
3. Wear socks going through security – those floors are nastier…
4. Pack less when you leave – you’ll likely need more room on your way home for the stuff you accumulate on your trip. Make sure you pack some type of waterproof outerwear.
5. Bring only the minimum ID-type essentials. Like…license, passport, “just in case cash” and a bunch of quarters, one maybe two credit cards, and your health insurance card. Leave the rest at home.

If it sounds like you will need to bring an extra carry-on for all the snacks you are bringing, well then Atsuko would say you are well-prepared. If you don’t want to bring an extra bag, but still are enticed by all these wonderful snack food items, then maybe just bring less clothes? We hope you picked up some good tips. Be sure to check out our travel selection on and read some other Travel Tips From Real Travelers if you enjoyed this one.

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