Winter Staff Picks: Ian Is Ready To Tickle His Pickle!

Winter Staff Picks: Ian Is Ready To Tickle His Pickle!

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Next up for evo WINTER STAFF Picks is Ian Kose

He’s a photographer, he models (for real), and he’s a Photoshop wizard. He loves fresh spring water, and wearing beanies year round. He’s soft spoken and outgoing all at the same time. He loves skateboarding, rollercoasters, Beaverton Sub Station (seriously, he goes to Oregon for sandwiches, but I have driven to Whistler for a Splitz Burger, so guess we are even), and if you don’t hear him laugh at least a quarter of the day, something is wrong. He’s Ian and this is the stuff he really likes.

Oh… and he likes red, white, and blue… can you tell?

Find out more about Ian and his picks- Click here!

What do you do at evo:

I’m a photo coordinator in the product information team, and I make sure you guys are looking at the most beautiful pictures of snowboards and ski jackets you’ve ever seen.

What kind of terrain do you ride:

Northwestern.  Pacific to be precise.  With some park on the side.

Give me an evo memory:

The evo Hired Hands Gallery was exciting to see.  Who knew there was so much talent I’m surrounded by every day?  I’m stoked for next year’s that’s for sure.  And 10 out of 10 people will agree the 10 year party was legendary.

 Here are Ian’s picks:

GNU Park Pickle:

Shop Gnu at evo


The GNU Park Pickle is what I’ll be riding this year.  Super fun park style board with a flex rating of 5.5-6, Magne-traction, sintered base, and the best part is it’s made in the Northwest!


Union Asadachi Snowboard Bindings:

Stay classy this year with the Union Asadachi Binding.  Besides having a sophisticated wood grain look, these bindings are mega-ultra lightweight, come with a lifetime warranty for the base plates, symmetrical shape, asymmetrical flex, and are made out of recycled materials.  Truly an all mountain attacker.


Burton GORE-TEX® Gloves:

They’re Burton, they’re Gore-Tex®, they’re leather, and they’re under 100 bucks.  No brainer.


ThirtyTwo Prion Snowboard Boots:

Snowboard boots at evo

Ben Carson* taught me that a prion is an infectious protein that can’t be destroyed.  Ever.  Which is good news for me because these are the boots I’ll be rocking this season.  Durable, flexy but supportive, comfy and warm, as well as lightweight.  You can’t pass up the price point, or the jumpman elephant print.

*(I had no idea who Ben Carson was either…according to wiki, he is an American neurosurgeon and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States by President George W. Bush in 2008.)


Airblaster Javier Jacket:

Airblaster Jacket at evo

I’ve always been a fan of Airblaster.  A Portland (put a bird on it) based company !  All of their outerwear is constructed really well.  It’s simple but will grab attention on the mountain.  I have long arms, so the “no short-fat” fit is dope.


Ride Belltown Pants:

Ride Snowboard pants at evo

Ride Belltowns!  Crispy, plenty warm and waterproof, classic fit, and it’s got Belltown in the name!  Sound familiar Seattle?


VonZipper Feenom Goggles:

VonZipper Goggles at evo

They’re blue!!


-Thanks Ian, that was enlightening.  Find all of his picks on or come into evo Seattle and be sure to check all the other cool stuff we have from  Burton, VonZipper, Ride, Airblaster, ThirtyTwo, GNU, and Union.


Contributors: Carly Crab, Chris Dickerson, Ian Kose 


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