evo Team Update: Family Vacation Episode 4

evo Team Update: Family Vacation Episode 4

Family Vacation Episode 4

Here is the latest edit from Abe Krieger sponsored by evo, newschoolers.com, Epic Planks and Moment Skis. Featuring evo Team riders Jamie Baril, Rory McCabe, Erik Stai, Jake Rouches.

The crew has been tearing up the Central Park at the Summit at Snoqualmie these past two months and took part in the Red Bull Third Shift in February. Due to massive amounts of puking snow, they changed the format to urban rail jam which threw riders off but  “overall, it was a sick night.”  Episode 4 also has some epic face to feature falls in it, it hurts just watching. Make sure to view it full screen and HD!

It was snowing so hard they closed I-90 down that night, causing our evo Team manager to be late! Here is an exerpt from the phone conversation with evo Team manager and Red Bull Third Shift judge Chris Shalbot with Chris Dickerson in evo Marketing:

Dickerson calls Shalbot: Hey what is up? Are you at the Pass?

Shalbot: NO.

Dickerson: What are you doing?

Shalbot: Sitting in my car.

Dickerson: Where are you right now?

Shalbot: Northbend.

Dickerson: Don’t you have to be up there soon?

Shalbot: YES.

Dickerson: When does it start?

Shalbot: Six.

Dickerson: It is 5:50 right now.

Shalbot: I KNOW.

Dickerson: Alright. Well, see ya later.

He eventually would make it up and have a good time.