Ispeming’s International Ski Film Festival

Ispeming’s International Ski Film Festival

Ishpeming’s International Film Festival

   It may be April and here in Seattle the sun is starting to show itself, but with back to back storm cycles the ski season is still in full swing. What better way to celebrate the end of the season than with a ski film festival and not just any film festival, the Ishpeming’s International Film Festival. And what better place to hold the 2nd annual Ski Heritage Week and the Ski and Snowboard Film Institute induction than here in the Northwest, a place rich in American ski history. These are the kinds of flicks that make me wish I was raised in the skiing’s glory days of the 70s, hot doggin’ it up in a red, white, and blue sweater, leaning way back on my tails.

The Ishpeming’s International Ski Film Festival isn’t your typical showing of  ski flicks in Seattle, and no, that is not a GoPro shown above from the1975 film “Assignment K2”. This is a film festival to honor the greatest ski films of all times: The Snow 100, preserving the 100 best ski films ever made. The first 10 were selected last season by a committee of ski filmmakers, media experts, and ski writers. This year, 5 additional films will be inducted, and you can be there to see them FOR FREE. The Bell Harbor-Bay Auditorium will screen this year’s five inductees while they are awarded with a “Jerry” (kind of like an Oscar) by the Ski and Snowboard Film Institute. In order to be eligible for induction, a film must have stood the test of time for at least 10 years.

This year’s inductees and winners of the Jerry award include the 1937 film “Ski Flight” that glamorized and popularized alpine skiing to the general audience, and was filmed entirely on Mt. Baker and Mt. Ranier as well as Dick Barrymore’s “Assignment K2” featuring the famous K2 Freestyle team as they travel to Europe to face off against hot dog skiing’s best. Plus they will host the only American showing of the winner of this year’s International Ski History Association Film Award, “Ski Heil – When Two Boards Meant the World” by Richard Rossman. This will coincide with the K2 50th Anniversary Public Party “Snow Blast” at 8PM at the Bell Harbor-Maritime Center




Where: the Bell Harbor-Bay Auditorium at 2211 Alaskan Way, Pier 66 Seattle, WA 98121

Cost: FREE!!!

Here is the schedule for Ishpeming’s Film Festival:

-Wednesday April 11 | 7:00pm

Jerry Awards for Ishpeming’s 2nd annual International Ski Film Festival honoring the Best Ski Films ever made.

Followed by the Premier American Showing of Ski Heil, this year’s recipient of the ISHA Film Award.


-Thursday April 12 | 7:00pm

The International Ski Film Award winners with introductions and comments from the filmmakers

One for the Money  & Paul Ryan

Mark of Champions & Joe Jay Jalbert

Assignment K2 & Ken Campbell & Stan Larsen

Spider and the French Man  & Ken Campbell

Ski Flight & Rick Moulton


-Friday April 13

Back to back showing of the International Ski Film Award winners

6:15 One for the Money

6:45 Mark of Champions

7:15 Assignment K

7:45 Spider and the French Man

8:15 One for the Money

8:45 Mark of Champions

9:15 Assignment K

9: 40 Spider and the French Man

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