2013 Armada Skis Are Now at evo!

2013 Armada Skis Are Now at evo!

2013 Armada Skis


By Jon Kiser: 2013 Armada skis have officially invaded evo and evo Seattle. Another year and a whole new bag of tricks are coming out of the Armada Ski Company. There are many ski companies that can be called driven or rider owned, but very few can be truly called a leader.

Armada seems to be taking the title and running with it, operated by some of the world’s top skiers they are a team obsessed with pushing the limits of what skiing is and building the gear necessary to do just that. For evo this is a major ski brand that we feel extremely aligned with as far as what Armada is representing day to day and where they are going in the future. Come take a peak at the new line of skis by Armada for the 2012/2013 season.

Here is more information on the new stuff coming out of the Armada camp for 2013 we are stoked on.

How about some pictures:


2013 Aramada JJ Skis


2013 Armada Bubba Skis 


2013 Armada Norwalk Skis


2013 Armada TST Skis


2013 Armada Magic J Skis