evo Seattle Construction Update…Waiting for cement.

evo Seattle Construction Update…Waiting for cement.


The construction crews building out the new evo Seattle are working hard and fast to get the store opened next month…conditions permitting. The walls are plastered, the floors are getting stained and we are starting to move the heavy shop services equipment into building.

The re-bar is in place for the new entry way and now we are waiting for the cement trucks to get pouring…Seattle has a little cement shortage at the moment. It looks like the economy is picking up steam…what better way to celebrate this than by getting some new skis and snowboards?

Here are the latest pictures of the equipment moving day and the rest of the building:

Moving Ski and Snowboard Tuning Machine

-Brakes don’t fail me now. Shanti, Darren & Tom helping back the evo truck down the ramp with all the shop equipment.


Stone Grinders

-Watch your feet. The evo Crew unloading the stone grinder.


evo Seattle wax bench

– And the work bench.


Moving in to the new evo Seattle

-Just a little to the left. Kinsey and Shanti positioning the stone grinder.


evo Seattle Ski and Snowboard Shop Services

-Future employee lounge and shop services area under the main floor.


evo Seattle Women's Section

BEFORE: The new women’s section and Ship-to-Store pickup area. This part of the Fremont Collective building was built in 1910 and was an old mattress factory.


evo Seattle Women's section

-Looking south at the women’s floor with new stain and soon-to-be shelving!


evo Seattle Stone Way

-Looking from the main floor, east, to the women’s section and future performance stage. Audio/Video being built out by Skullcandy!


evo Seattle upleve

-This is the mezzanine. All ski, snowboard & skate hard goods will be up here. Look at that ceiling! They do not build them like that any more.


evo Seattle ski and snowboard wall

-Skis to my left. Snowboards to my right. The future evo Seattle ski & snowboard wall.


evo Marketing Team

Put a bird on it. The evo Marketing team taking a tour of the main staircase.


New LED Lighting System

-I see the light! The LED lighting system is in. They are brighter, cooler and use way less energy!


Fremont Collective Building

-Here is it! (sans cement) evo Seattle’s future new home, the Fremont Collective Building. It will include restaurants Joule and The Whale Wins, evo Seattle and the indoor skatepark. Opening soon!


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  • Now Carrying Giant Bicycles
  • Gear up for Spring Wakesurfing