Nimbus Independent Releases: En Route Hokkaido, Japan

Nimbus Independent Releases: En Route Hokkaido, Japan


In the newest Nimbus Independent edit, evo Team riders: Andy Mahre, Eric Pollard and Chris Benchetler, along with evo friend Pep Fujas ski while Justin Wiegand and Ike Smith document their two week trip to the island of Hokkaido, Japan. The crew call the comforts of the Black Diamond Lodge basecamp with plenty of access to snowmobiles, touring, boot packing, lift, and night skiing with head lamps.

Have a look and enjoy some pictures from the trip below.

-The Black Diamond Lodge in Japan.

-Clayton, Black Diamond Lodge owner/operator.  Canadian. eh.

– Blue bird and lots of pow out here.

-Decisions, decisions…roller coasters or ski pow?

-Pep and cement wall looking in to your soul.

-evo Team Rider Andy Mahre waiting for his sled to be picked up off the truck bed.

-evo Team Rider Chris Benchetler ices down his broken bones. 

-evo Team Rider Andy Mahre, with Pep Fujas, and evo Team Rider Chris Benchetler waiting for pow.

-See what they see. Ike Smith (tall) and Justin Wiegand (right) capture all the footage. 

-Bamboo really does grow everywhere.

-Life throw the lens.

-Night shredding in Niseko, just ask Black Diamond Lodge where to go.

– They tried to build a kicker to bonk off the tree top.

-I hope you like fish.

 Ike and evo Team Rider Eric Pollard getting ready to build booters. Hard hat area.

-Under the big lights.

– Pep with his headlamp for night tree shredding.

– evo Team Rider Andy Mahre and Ike heading back up.

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