Burton Takes Over evo Seattle’s South Wall
Burton Takes Over evo Seattle’s South Wall

Burton Takes Over evo Seattle’s South Wall


By: Jon Kiser December 26, 2012, Seattle, WA: The South Wall Project, modeled after our former West Wall project where we have teamed up with companies and artist’s from the likes of Spacecraft, Patagonia, Spy and so on, comes the South Wall Project at evo. The ability to utilize this “canvas” brings unique and exciting life to a potentially lifeless wall on the South side of our new store.

The background on this project starts with the story above, emulating styles of the PNW with the Barracuda board graphics, it was only appropriate to encourage Burton to commission the first project with this design.

The tricky part was taking the design from the board, which is only a few square feet in size, to a massive wall covered in windows and other obstacles while enhancing the building but still truly honoring the original design. Electric Coffin was chosen because they are not only a local crew that is very familiar with this type of work but because they are masters at what they do. You can see it in their work there are examples all over Seattle and even inside our store in the kiosk area.

Background of Design

When Burton decided to make the graphic for the Burton Barracuda they wanted it to be something that truly embodied the essence of the board. Since this board was designed in the spirit of the great Northwest, a place where the mountains and sea coincide with one another, it had to have a graphic that truly represented it.

Flash forward to today; we have the finished product donning the majestic orca “killer” whale, protector of humans at sea. As native folklore goes, the whales have vowed to respect and protect humans when they are on the ocean. Much like the oceans, the mountains create powerful natural divisions, like a time portal into undiscovered worlds, using a


Some other fun with Burton & evo

Speaking of Burton, evo just signed Burton Global team rider Kimmy Fasani to the evo team! If you don’t know about Kimmy then you should check her out, as one of the few girls on the Burton team she rips like nobody’s business. She can definitely do double back flips and rumor has it she can make some real tasty cookies… just sayin.

One last shout outs to Burton, Electric Coffin and of course Hilhamas – William Wasden Jr.(original artist) for making all this possible. Head over to the evo store and check it out! I would recommend during the daylight.

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