How To Make A Beanie

How To Make A Beanie


Can’t find that perfect gift? Why not make them a beanie!? It is DIY time. evo‘s own Carly Crabb shows you how you can knit your own beanie (or tuque if you are Canadian). 

By Carly Crabb, Seattle, WA December 3, 2012: There’s something infinitely happy about a homemade well-knit beanie. They remind me of growing up picking raspberries with Grandma in the early mornings – something I loved to do as a kid, and even now. “You need a ‘stocking hat’?” she’d always say. In her basement she kept this big ol’ waist-high metal Coors tin full of homemade beanies I could choose from. Really it was just a big hunk of metal filled with forest green wool beanies because those were Grandpa’s favorite.

I spent a lot of time at Grandma’s house growing up and one summer in between penny smashing on the train tracks and gorging on frozen homemade chocolate chip cookies, she taught me to crochet.  She told me it’s relaxing for the mind and keeps the hands busy. And she was right. She didn’t teach me any of the fancy crochet terms but she showed me how to do it. Then she showed me again and again until I finally got it.

Now that summer is over and the nights are growing chilly, it’s time to start bundling; it’s one of my favorite times of the year! Layering is a favorite of mine and come rain, sleet, and snow, a beanie is a must. If you’re looking for an activity to keep your hands busy on those cozy nights, crocheting beanies is a simple one (plus it makes for snack-free episodes of Glee).

I hope you enjoy the video and give it a shot! They make great gifts – for yourself or a friend!


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