The Best Ski and Snowboard Films of 2012 Voted by You!

The Best Ski and Snowboard Films of 2012 Voted by You!

Your Top picks for ski and snowboard movies 2012!

January 2, 2013: As another successful movie premier season has come and gone we here at evo wanted to look back and ask, “What were the best ski and snowboard movies from 2012?”

Without hesitation many of you voiced your opinions on Facebook seeking to crown the one movie to rule them all… And after much deliberation and with the help of a ruler, a Ti-84, and a compass we tallied the scores…

Many movies ranked high on the scoreboards but it seems necessary that we give a special shout out to All.I.Can. and The Art of Flight for keeping strong even though their original release dates were back in 2011! (They won last year!)

Besides these two movies standing the test of time there was one other movie that jumped out at us as an exceptional choice for best movie of the year; Hot Tub Time Machine! If only it had been released this year it may have had a chance to wear the crown…

Top ski Movies of 2012:

#1 Sunny

#2 The Dream Factory

#3 Superheroes of Stoke

#4 Act Natural

#5 The Eighty Six

#6 Few Words

#7. Education of Style

#8 WE: A Collection of Individuals


Top snowboard movies of 2012:

#1 Further

#2 Community

#3 Resonance

#4 Given Too

#5 Burton 13

#6 2112

Sunny Official Trailer from Level 1 on Vimeo.

Level 1’s- Sunny

TGR’s- The Dream Factory

TGR and Jeremy Jones’- Further

MSP’s- Superheroes of Stoke

COMMUNITY Teaser from MEGA Creative Media on Vimeo.

Stevens Pass- Community

“Act Natural” Official Trailer from Toy Soldier Productions on Vimeo.

Toy Soldier Productions- Act Natural

Stept Productions- The Eighty Six

Absinthe Films- Resonance

Quicksilver and Candide Thovex’s- Few Words

Givin Presents “too” The Official Teaser!!! from Aaron Hooper on Vimeo.

Givin’s- Too

Inspired Media’s- Education of Style

Poor Boyz Productions and Red Bull Media House’s- We: A Collection of Individuals

Burtons’- 13

Standard Films- 2112



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