Trick Tips With Collin Collins: Cork 360’s
Trick Tips With Collin Collins: Cork 360’s

Trick Tips With Collin Collins: Cork 360’s

Trick Tips with Collin Collins: Cork 360’s

By Danny DuBois at Stevens Pass, WA: evo met up with team rider Collin Collins at Stevens Pass to film another trick tip (check his last trick tip: nose butter 360). Collin Collins, known for dominating the backcountry, also has a large list of solid park tricks. In this video, Collin shows you how to successfully start and finish the famed corked 360.

This trick is somewhere between a regular 360 and a Lincoln Loop, your spin is off-axis but not completely inverted. In this video Collin walks you through step-by-step so you can learn how to throw down a Corked 360 your next time up at the hill. Remember to be careful, attempt at your own risk, and don’t forget your helmet.


“Hi there, I’m Collin Collins! We’re here in the park today at Stevens Pass; I’m going to do a trick tip for ya, for a corked 360. The key to a corked 360, unlike most things where you are coming in straight and getting a real big pop off a jump, you want to be carving really hard. So, come into the lip on edge, carve right off and dip just a little bit with both shoulders and your head, and suck those knees up, grab safety. Spot the landing. You’ll be able to watch it almost the whole time and just kind of extend, open up a little bit, and put down the landing gear. Stomp it hard, ride away smooth.”

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