Perfect Moments of Shred Gallery Opening
Perfect Moments of Shred Gallery Opening

Perfect Moments of Shred Gallery Opening


By Jake Garrett, March 15, 2013: The Perfect Moments of Shred gallery opening at evo Seattle went off with good people and great photos for an amazing cause last week! Thanks for everyone who came out. The exhibit will be on display at evo until the end of April, so you have plenty of time to come in and take a look at the stunning photography that is Perfect Moments Of Shred…photographs that celebrate the life of Aaron Robinson.

Below you will find photos, an in-store gallery tour and an interview with Jeff Hawe explaining the exhibit and the A-Rob Plant-a-Seed Foundation. All photos on display are for sale and proceeds will go to the foundation. Enjoy!

Thanks to Snowboard MagazineK2VolcomAirblasterBlack Star for supporting the cause and the event!

Featured Photographers: Jeff Curtis, Oli Gagnon, Chris Owen, Frode Sandbech, Scott Serfas, Chris Wellhausen, Scott Sullivan, Colin Wiseman, Reid Morth, Andy Wright, Mike Yoshida, Liam Gallagher, Matt Georges, Tim Zimmerman and Jenna Low.

– All photographs are available for purchase and will be on display at evo Seattle for the next 6 weeks. Proceeds will benefit the A-Rob Plant A Seed Foundation.



Make sure you stop by evo Seattle, the first Friday of each month, as our art gallery inside evo Seattle changes monthly. Take a look at last months Powder Magazine Exhibit here.

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