O’Neill x Newschoolers Collab Jackets Coming To evo
O’Neill x Newschoolers Collab Jackets Coming To evo

O’Neill x Newschoolers Collab Jackets Coming To evo


By Danny DuBois, April 3, 2013, Seattle, WA: Yup you heard it right, O’Neill and Newschoolers.com are combining powers to create a jacket series that is going to be pretty freakin’ awesome! This collaboration includes jacket and fleece styles in several color combos! 

Recently, O’Neill collaborated with online ski-legend site Newschoolers.com by creating a small line of jackets and fleeces. As O’Neill embraces the freeski community more and more, it decided that a collab with Newschoolers would be a rad idea for the fans of both brands that wanted more than the occasional, limited edition NS shirt or ball cap.

The jacket comes with a custom iPod pouch located on the outside of the zip for easy-access for the park thug that is always changing tunes while lapping or hiking rails. The real thing that stands out about these jackets is the logo. Combining two classic Newschoolers logos the “Llama and the Spork” design is tribute to two generations of the online community. Found on both the jacket and the fleeces, the Llama logo is a pretty sweet edition.

Fleeces come in two colorblock patterns, like the jackets, that have a tall, custom long fit that gets longer the bigger you go, not “boxy.” evo is proud to be one of the few retailers holding these pieces between two awesome companies. O’Neill has been around for over 60 years when it first was a little surf shop in California, so they definitely know how to make good product. Newschoolers, a slightly newer, website/online community is known for having all of the latest in freeski, whether it’s the videos or the gabber; NS has it all.

Combine the two and you get a fully-functional team that is bound to make great jackets and fleeces. Be ahead of the game and keep your eye out for these limited edition O’Neill / Newschoolers collab pieces as they come around this fall to the evo we all know and love.


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