The Keystone Collection By Dan Mohr Now On Display
The Keystone Collection By Dan Mohr Now On Display

The Keystone Collection By Dan Mohr Now On Display


By Chris Dickerson, Seattle, WA: The Keystone Collection by Dan Mohr is now on display at @evoSeattle! The installation opened at evo on Friday, May 3, 2013 and will run through mid-June. Stop by and check out the cool pieces of art. All are are available to purchase as originals, as well as a limited run of smaller prints for $15 a piece…why not get one of each?

Below you can see a photo of each piece, take a 3-D online tour of the gallery and learn more about Dan. Above, make sure to watch the opening night gallery event video recap from May 3, 2013.



In Dan’s Words: 

Art is an escape from the worries and the hassles of everyday life. Like snowboarding, creating my art allows me to focus on the present and tune out whatever insignificant worries I may have at that time. The majority of the paintings are done in acrylic paint on stretched canvas, with the exception of some work done in watercolor. All have been created within the past two years. My hope is that through sharing my work, you, the viewer will be able to tune out and get lost. Enjoy.

Artist Bio:

I have been an artist for my whole life. With no formal training, I began painting two years ago as a form of meditation. Through my experiences in life, I have formed many meaningful ideas, which are conveyed in my work. After working in the winter sports industry for 11 years on the east coast, I packed up whatever I could fit into my car, along with my paintings, and made the journey west. Seattle has become my new home, full of new friends, insane snowboarding, and endless inspiration. I would like to thank my friends and family back home, my new Seattle family, and last but not least, evo.

evo art gallery Keystone-collection-opening11 Keystone-collection-opening13 Keystone-collection-opening14 Keystone-collection-opening15 Keystone-collection-opening16

Hi my name Dan Mohr. I have my art work hanging up here at evo in Seattle. It is called The Keystone Collection and all of the art work was created in the past two years. Print are available. They are $15 a piece and you can pay for them here at evo. Thanks!” -Dan Mohr

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