2014 Goggle Trends Sneak Peek
2014 Goggle Trends Sneak Peek

2014 Goggle Trends Sneak Peek


By: Jordan Sunshine, Denver, CO: Goggles are that all important accessory that define how you will see the mountain, and let’s be honest, how you will be seen too. Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of new technology and new looks, and 2014 is no different. From out of this world, futuristic goggles to retro throwbacks, evo has your sneak peek into what to look out for next season.

Interchangeable Lens Goggles

ski goggles

It is clear that you need different lenses for different conditions, and now with so many brands making easy-changing lens systems, carrying multiple frames is a thing of the past. Most of these goggles come with at least two lenses, typically one for sunny days and one for snowy days. From the acclaimed Smith I/O to the Oakley Airbrake and Dragon APX, and VonZipper El Kabong, interchangeable goggles are here to stay.

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Anon M1 GogglesFor 2014, Anon Goggles has taken its revolutionary magnet system one step further with the Anon M2 goggles. This successor to the Anon M1 has a better seal, confidently keep the lens adhered to the frame, while still providing the easiest (one-handed) changeability.

Also be on the lookout for the super easy-changing Salomon X-Max goggles. You won’t even have to touch the lenses.


Snowboard Goggles

2014 Smith I/OX Goggle

2014 Dragon Goggles

2014 Dragon Goggle

Cylindrical Lens Goggles

2014 Electric Goggles

Have you noticed how all of your favorite pros are riding with flat lens, simple looking goggles? No this is not because their sponsors won’t cough up the dollars to give them $200 goggles. People are turning towards cylindrical goggles for that old-school look that is so in right now. From the aesthetic to the fit to the simplicity and of course the lower price, cylindrical goggles might be the right fit for your swagger.

Check out the Electric EGB2, VonZipper Fubar, Dragon D1, Ashbury Warlock and new Smith Sentry.

2014 Electric Goggles

2014 Electric EGB2 Goggle

For a new twist on an older favorite , you’ve got to check out some of the over-sized flat lens goggles that are coming out. Late last season Dragon introduced the huge Dragon NFX, that is even easier to change lenses on than the APX. For 2014, also check out the new Oakley 02 XL. You may have seen Henrik Harlaut rocking these streamlined joints on the back of his head during the X Games. Also be on the lookout for a new over sized lens from Salomon.

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Helmet/Goggle Integration

Many companies are striving for better integration of goggles to helmets, both with fit, look, and ventilation. Smith and Giro have been doing this for years now. With the introduction of Electric helmets and Anon helmets (no more R.E.D.), look for more of this seamless integration from your favorite goggle companies.

Ski and Snowboard Helmets

2014 Anon Helmets

ski and snowboard helmets

2014 Electric Helmets

Be sure to check out the 60s motorcycle inspired Electric Mashman TT and Mashman helmets for a whole new take on the vintage look. The Electric Saint series is with integrated ventilation with Electric goggles, custom and removable fit liner systems, and magnetic chin strap and goggle strap connectivity. Anon has a whole new line of helmets with supreme venting that fits perfectly with its goggles.

Tech Goggles

2014 Ski goggles

To most, having a computer screen in your goggles is a novelty that you will never shell out $500 for, but for those that truly want the most high-tech gear out there, the incorporated Recon system with GPS, Bluetooth® connectivity, accelerometer, and ability to see where your friends are on a digital trail map (just to name a few features) is the lion’s growl. Look for the Smith I/O Recon and Oakley Airwave goggles.

Graphic Trends

VonZipper Goggles

Just like skis and snowboards, outerwear, and even streetwear, goggle graphics are pushing the boundaries of what is too kitschy for our own good. But hey, goggles are where you should push the boundaries, right? Nothing like a full black kit and some crazy goggle frames and straps to say “hey, I still get a little crazy.” From camo to galaxy prints and even pink flamingos, there is something for everyone. Did I mention camo?

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Also, check out some the extra rad throwbacks coming out. They go great on those flat lens goggles. Retro neon? Yes please. Are those the original Smith Dr. Bobs?

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