4th Of July Sale At evo Seattle!
4th Of July Sale At evo Seattle!

4th Of July Sale At evo Seattle!

4th Of July Sale at evo Seattle

By Chris Dickerson, Seattle,WA: The 4th of July is around the corner and the long range forecast is calling for rainy SUNNY skies…this might be first for Seatown. To prematurely celebrate, this weekend, evo Seattle is throwing one of the biggest sales of the summer! Everything from 2013 wakeboards, wakeboard boots and wakeboard bindings, skate, men’s and women’s clothing, accessories & footwear is all on sale! Details below.

What about winter, you ask? We are clearing out the 2013 ski and snowboard gear to make room for the 2014’s and we have just put on sale our “New Gear Every Year” Employee Used skis and snowboards!

-What else is going on this weekend at evo Seattle?

Check out a new Malibu boat: Make sure you stop by on Saturday and Sunday. The Seattle Boat Company is going to park one of their brand new Malibu 30th Anniversary VTX Boats with the new Wake Gate technology. No longer will you have to grab 10 people and hang off the one side of your boat to create a wake big enough to surf…the surf gate does it for you!

Wakesurf boat wakesurf boat Malibu Boats

Surf Gate Open            |            Surf Gate Medium            |            Surf Gate Closed

Free Eltana Bagels:Everyone who spends $20 of more will get 6 free bagels from our neighbors up the street, Eltana. Find out more>

The South Wall Project: Volcom has taken over our South Wall with a new mural by Eric Gordan. See it>

The Details on The 4th of July Sale:


  • 10% Off 2013 Wakeboards, Wakeboard Bindings and Wakeboard Boots
  • 15% Off 2013 Skis, Ski Boots and Ski Bindings
  • 15% Off 2013 Snowboards, Snowboard Boots and Snowboard Bindings
  • 15% Off Employee Used Gear (New Gear Every Year Program – each year each evo employee gets a free ski/snowboard + bindings, at the end of the year, we return them and sell them as used gear…ride what we ride!)
  • 15% Off Skateboards, Skate Decks, Skate Completes and Longboards


  • 15% Off Men’s & Women’s Clothing
  • 15% Off Footwear
  • 15% Off Outerwear
  • 15% Off Accessories
  • Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off Sale Clothing and Outerwear

What if you can’t make it to Seattle this weekend? No worries, evo.com is having a big sale too!


2013 Wakeboards: 10% Off This Weekend>



-2013 wakeboards are on sale! Liquid ForceRonixCWBHyperliteByerly and more!

– Buy One, Get One 50% All Sale Clothing! Denim, tees, jackets, shorts, shirts and more!

– 15% Off guys’ boardshorts, shorts and hybrid shorts and t-shirts.

-Nothing better than some fresh kicks. 15% Off Guys’ Footwear

– A tank top tan only says one thing…you had a rad weekend. They are all 15% off!

-15% Off sandals from Reef, Volcom and more.

-15% Off skate decks, skate completes and skate accessories! We will build them for you too!

– No matter how you cruise, we have you covered. 15% Off longboards and cruisers long and short.


15% Off women’s clothing!
-Fun dresses for fun day and nights! All are 15% off.

-15% Off women’s shoes. You always have room for one more pair.

2013 Skis and Snowboards are on Sale! Take an additional 15% off!

-15% Off our employee used skis and snowboards…if you hate getting that first scratch on you top sheet, don’t worry; we took care of it for you.

-Trying on boots will make you dream of winter. 15% Off ski & snowboard boots and bindings!


-Our ski wall is calling you. Shinny.

-Always a must for the PNW. Grab a wakesurf board for the boat. Great for the afternoon chop on Lake Washington. 15% Off.


  • End of Season Ski and Snowboard Deals
  • Now Carrying Giant Bicycles
  • Gear up for Spring Wakesurfing