How To Find Sunglasses For Your Face Shape
How To Find Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

How To Find Sunglasses For Your Face Shape


By Kolin Quick, Seattle, WA: It is sunglasses time at evo and we are here to show you how to pick out the perfect pair! Whether you are spending a day on the patio or want a fresh, new beach look, sunglasses are a quintessential accessory for almost any outfit and situation. Not only do they protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays, the probability of getting squinting induced tans lines decreases dramatically.

That’s why finding the perfect set of sunglasses is so important. The shape and fit of most sunglasses boils down to what face shape the wearer has. There are six face shapes in existence known to man: Diamond, Heart-Shaped, Oval, Square, Round, and Oblong.

We want to help you find your face shape so we put together a little video (above) to give you an example. We also have an awesome sunglasses fit guide with step by step instructions to find the perfect fit and a guide to help you pick out the perfect pair which answers all your questions about style & lens.

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More about face shapes:

Diamond Face Shape:
You might have a diamond face if your jawline and forehead are narrow but your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. You will want to look for oval and rimless frames. This style will help compliment your wide or high cheekbones. Look for softly curved frames that are no wider than your cheek bones. Look for frames that will help widen the rest of your face.

Heart-Shaped Face:
You might have a heart-shaped face if you have a narrow jaw line with wide cheekbones and a wide forehead. Look for sunglasses that draw attention to your eyes and for frames that balance your face. Metal frames, rimless, and frames with a straight top line like aviators would fit you best.

Oval Shaped Face:
You might be a lucky one and have an oval shaped face if the length of your face is 1.5 times the width. It has been said that oval shaped faces are ideal and can wear any style frame of sunglasses. You should experiment with the latest styles and not be afraid to just “go for it”. Sunglass-wise anyway.

Square Shaped Face:
You could have a square shaped face is the width of your face is about equal to the length. This is similar to a round face but with more angular features. Look for sunglasses that will help reduce your strong angles like rounded and curvy styles. Stay away from square shaped sunglasses as that will just pronounce your squareness. Cat-eye and oval framed sunglasses work well for this or check out some butterfly frames.

Round Shaped Face:
A round shaped face is a face that the length and width are about equal. The goal for someone with a round face is to find sunglasses that make your face appear longer and thinner. Look for frames that are equal or slightly wider than the widest part of your face. Avoid round frames. Lean toward straight and angular shaped frames. You might also like rectanglesquarewrap and shield shaped glasses.

Oblong Shaped Face:
You could have an oblong face if your face is longer than it is wide, but not 1.5 times the width like an oval face. Look for frames that are on the wide side. Horizontal lines will help widen your face. A round frame will help balance a narrow chin or a high forehead. You can play it safe  with wrapshieldsquarewayfarer and rectangle styles.



Video Transcript:

Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the merchandising assistant at evo.

Hey, I’m Jon and I do marketing at evo.

We are here at evo Seattle to tell you how to best measure your face to find the perfect sunglasses! All you need is measuring tape, a pen, and a friend to help you.

First, we’re going to measure Jon’s cheek bone, from one side of his cheek to the other. Jon is about six inches, so we’ll write that down.

Next, we’re going to measure the length of your face, from the top of your hairline, to the bottom of your chin. Jon is 8 inches, so we’ll write that down.

Next, we’ll measure your jawline from underneath one ear to underneath the other. Jon is 10 inches, so whatever you are, write that down.

Last but not least is the width of your face. You are going to start at one side of your hairline, through the middle of your forehead, to the other. Jon is 7 inches, so we’ll write that down.

Now that we have determined Jon’s face measurements, we can determine what face shape he is. He can be one of six face shape; diamond, heart, circle, oblong, square, or rectangle oblong.

Now that I have my measurements I can find what my face shape is. Since my face shape is slightly longer than it is wide I Have an oblong face shape. ..Let’s go find some sunglasses…yeah!

Now that you know how to measure your face, and find your perfect sunglasses, feel free to use or come down to evo Seattle, to find your new sunglasses.


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