Volcom South Wall Mural By Eric Gordan at evo Seattle
Volcom South Wall Mural By Eric Gordan at evo Seattle

Volcom South Wall Mural By Eric Gordan at evo Seattle


By Jake Garrett, Seattle, WA: Some of you may have noticed that the South Wall at evo Seattle has undergone some changes recently, and as we say good bye to the awesome mural that was put up by our friends at Electric Coffin and Burton, we say hello to the new mural brought to us by Volcom and artist Eric Gordon that ‘rocks our socks off’. Introducing the Volcom South Wall Mural at evo Seattle. #SouthWall

We asked Eric a couple questions about his history with Volcom, how this piece came together and what he does in his spare time.


How long have you been an artist with Volcom and about how many projects like this or pieces of clothing has your work been featured on?

I’ve worked at Volcom for 3 years now and have had two featured artists shirts and a handful of others put in the line.  A lot of the art I do for Volcom is featured inside surf and skate shops, as well as a few Wahoo’s restaurants across the country.

Is this an original piece or has it been featured somewhere else before? How or why did you choose this graphic for the mural? How do you hope it resonates with everyone?  

This is an original piece I came up with after seeing the wall.  I wanted to avoid having the design bleed into the windows so you could see the entire thing.  Volcom is Americas First Boardriding Company so we try to showcase that whenever possible.

Working in the mountains with the skate transitions right into the flowing waves were important elements I wanted to incorporate.  I thought the trees and mountains added a little local flavor to it as well.  This hasn’t been used anywhere else but I was hoping it could be turned into a  Volcom X evo collab tee!! (see below)

You chose a symmetrical graphic, what was the reasoning for that?

No real reason behind it other than I’ve been liking the symmetry thing in my own personal work lately. I’ve always tried to keep my work balanced from paintings, drawings, layouts to displays. Maybe it’s the carpenter in me that makes me wanna see things clean and even.

What all was involved in taking art from a piece of paper or a computer and putting it onto a wall like this? Have you ever done a piece this large and what challenges present themselves when working on this scale?

I draw everything by hand but the computer helps with putting things to scale. I’ll usually grid everything out so when it comes to putting it on the wall, you have a pretty good idea about how it’s gonna go up. This was definitely the biggest piece I done to date. I rented a lift to get up that high but since the sidewalk wasn’t level it only went up about 10 feet, which meant I had to use the massive 20 foot extension ladder. That was the hardest part, moving and going up and down the ladder so many times.

Towards the end I found myself using my left hand a lot because I didn’t want to climb down and move the ladder again. I also had to finish pretty quick since you guys kept warning me of a massive rain storm coming the next day. I guess I was lucky to get 16 hours of dry weather!

It’s always pretty fun to do a painting like this where people can walk by and check it out, see the progress. People say the funniest things…

evo Seattle

How many different colors did you use and approximately how many cans of spray paint did it take?

I think I used close to about 30 colors and I probably finished about 20 cans. It’s hard to figure out how much paint you’re gonna use so you always bring extra.

evo Seattle

Beyond art, what else do you spend your time doing? Do you surf, skate or snowboard?

I try to focus all my free time on something creative. I really enjoy wood working and furniture building, always building something for my house or patio. Other than that I like to chill with friends, watch Kings hockey, travel.

I’m semi-retired on my skateboard. It gets harder to get back up these days. haha

Anywhere else we can find your work?

Instagram @egorswis

evo Seattle

-Thanks to Eric and Volcom for getting this piece up. Swing by evo in Seattle off of 35th and Stone, to get a better look at the new #Southwall

A few other photos below in the slide show can be viewed in high res on Flicker:

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