Cody Townsend Talks Arcade Belts With evo
Cody Townsend Talks Arcade Belts With evo

Cody Townsend Talks Arcade Belts With evo


By Chris Dickerson, Seattle, WA: Arcade Belts just dropped their summer series on us at evo and to celebrate the arrival of these awesome belts, we decided to hit up Arcade Belts founder and pro skier, Cody Townsend, to see what he is up to and find out more about Arcade Belts…“they’re stretchy and they work better than anything that’s been wrapped around your waist before.” 

Not only do they hold up your ski or snowboard pants during the winter, these belts are super durable outside of winter too! As displayed in a recent Arcade Facebook post (here)…you can swim in pools, oceans and beer and they will still keep you looking like a respectable person.

Here are a few new styles for this summer, but act fast, they come in limited numbers!

Arcade BeltArcade BeltArcade BeltArcade belt

Now for the interview!

Arcade Belts

evo: Hey Cody, how are things in the Tahoe area? Where you living these days?

Cody: Things in Tahoe are great.  It’s been summer for about four months now, which isn’t all bad because despite the lack of snow there is plenty of rad stuff to do in summertime Tahoe.  Currently I’m living in Squaw Valley, a stone’s throw from the Arcade office and the post office, which makes balancing skiing, playing and business life quite easy.

evo: Almost all the North American resorts are now closed for the season but there is still some snow left to shred, you still trying to ski what’s left or have you moved on to summer activities?

Cody: There is some snow left for sure and I would love to be skiing it, but unfortunately I tweaked my knee up in Alaska this winter so I’ve been giving it some much needed rest.  No surgery for me though so I’ll be back on snow soon.

evo: What was your ski season like this year, did you hit up any cool locations or shred any epic days? Give us some highlights!

Arcade Belts

Cody: Spent most of the winter in Chatter Creek, BC.  Which is quite possibility the most stacked zone I’ve ever seen.  It’s a total anomaly of a zone in an already amazing mountain range.  Massive pillow lines, ultra steep spines, perfect cliffs and a system of cat roads that allows you to get to the top of just about everything from a sled or cat.

We had one full pull blue day with perfect snow and a heli.  Richard Permin and I had one of the best days I’ve ever had on skis.  It’s really hard to describe how amazing it was so just watch next years MSP flick. Ha!

evo: Alright, break it down for us, what is Arcade Belts? (Who, What, When, Where…)


Cody: Arcade Belts is essentially three friends in Tahoe who came together with an idea for a better product.  The idea was first and the company grew from there.  It started off with one belt made exclusively for skiing and snowboarding and is now evolving into a company based upon the idea of making better belts for every facet of life. We’re now in our third year and it’s been quite the fun ride.  The response to our products has been amazing and that alone has been worth every ounce of work.

evo: What were the motives for creating a brand with a sole focused on belts?

Cody: We started Arcade mainly because no one out there was making belts that worked for our sports or fit our lifestyles.  Since then it’s blossomed into a focus on making better belts for all lifestyles and sports.

evo: What’s the secret behind Arcade belts?

Cody: The secret is simply having a team of creative, passionate and fun-centric people running a company that solely focuses on making belts.  Besides being outside and having fun, there is nothing that distracts us from designing belts therefore we’ll always be one step ahead of the game.

evo: You’ve got some pretty key ambassadors representing the brand, how’d you make that happen/reasons for some of the people you choose?

Cody: We are very fortunate to have a bad ass team of riders and ambassadors.  I think they’re mainly supporting us because they believe in the product and the company.  To have the guys and gals we have is absolutely amazing and I can’t thank them enough.  So I guess that’s mainly what makes it for our team, people that truly believe in us.

evo: Any plans for expanding beyond belts in the coming years?

Cody: As for now, it’s just belts and in that realm we have an unlimited amount of designs and ideas coming down the pipeline.  You’ll see our product lines expand to everything from super functional belts to artistic driven lifestyle pieces.

evo: We know you’re big into fly fishing, does Arcade have any future growth in that arena as well?


Cody: Well we’ve already had a lot of guides, local fly-fishers and even fly-fishing shops wearing and requesting the belts.  So I guess we’re organically expanding there already.  There are plans to make belts specifically for the fly-fisher in mind but I believe it will happen and is happening because people tend to fall in love with the belts and see what other applications they can use them for.  It’s more of a natural evolution of the product than a desire to get into a specific market.

evo: We really dig some of the photos on Arcade’s blog (cigars, bear rugs, dogs, cavemen…), any plans to continue the creative imagery that could make Arcade famous?

Cody: Well first I have to give a shout out to Grant Kaye and Greg Martin, the artists behind the lenses of all our photo shoots. They’re amazingly creative and incredibly talented. Having those two be a part of the brand has been so helpful in creating Arcade. So yes, our photography is an integral part of the company and will be a big part of our future.

evo: Any shout outs to those supporting and helping making Arcade Belts the waistbands to have?

Cody: We’d first like to thank to all the other entrepreneurs out there that gave us the inspiration that any ole joe can start a company and then give an even bigger thanks to our wives and girlfriends that put up with living rooms filled with boxes, three day marathon sewing sessions and long days and nights of making this dream a reality.

There are so many people to name that we could thank, it would take three pages to list everyone, so anyone out there that has helped in the slightest bit, you know who you are and many thanks to you.


-A big thanks to Arcade and Cody to taking the time to talk with us. We are stoked to be carrying your belts on and evo Seattle.

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