Open Window: A Photo Show By Jordan Ingmire at evo Seattle
Open Window: A Photo Show By Jordan Ingmire at evo Seattle

Open Window: A Photo Show By Jordan Ingmire at evo Seattle

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[Update]: By: Justin Kauffman, Seattle, WA:  For the month of November, evo Seattle is showcasing Open Window, the work of Jordan Ingmire Photography. It is currently on display in the store gallery and pieces are available to purchase. Jordan is a very creative individual so be sure to stop in and check out his work or look at the pictures below if you aren’t in Seattle.

About Jordan Ingmire:

He is a laid back, open minded, professional lost boy and thrives off of passion, adrenaline, beauty, and creativity. He has experienced some pretty crazy moments including heli-skiing in Alaska, snowmobiling to the summit of an active volcano, photographing a giant 20-foot Pacific Octopus, and scuba diving through mountain caverns 100 feet below the sea in Greece.

If you’re interested in action sports and fascinating, creative projects, then I highly recommend you give Jordan a follow!

If you would like to purchase a piece please call evo Seattle at 206.973.4470.  Enjoy!

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By Chris Shalbot, Seattle, WA: The November Gallery at evo Seattle is Open Window. A Photo Show by JORDAN INGMIRE PHOTOGRAPHY. Come by evo Seattle on Friday, Nov 1st, 2013 to meet Jordan and check out his photos in our Seattle gallery. It should be a fun night! #evoGallery #openwindow

  • What: Open Window: A Photo Show Gallery Opening
  • Artist: Jordan Ingmire
  • Where: evo Seattle | 3500 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
  • When: Friday | November 1, 2013
  • Time: 6 pm to 9pm
  • Evite: Facebook
  • Free!

See you Friday! Oh and our 12th Anniversary Sale will be going on too!

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