Culture Slash by K2 — March Gallery Opening
Culture Slash by K2 — March Gallery Opening

Culture Slash by K2 — March Gallery Opening

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[UPDATE] See the gallery recap, photos and video HERE>

by Nick Meilleur, Seattle, WA: For this month’s gallery at evo in Seattle, we bring to you K2‘s Culture Slash! We’re stoked to have the awesome people at K2 Skis and K2 Snowboarding bring this rad show combining ski and snowboard artwork to evo.

K2 is breaking new ground by creating an installation showcasing both skiing and snowboarding to show how they share the same fundamental roots. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in 2014 and if you still think there is a major rift between the two sports, the late 90’s called and they want their attitude back.

  • What: Culture Slash March Gallery by K2 Skis and K2 Snowboarding
  • Where: evo in Seattle | 3500 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA
  • When: Friday, March 7th | 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Cost: Free!
  • Evite: Facebook
K2 Skis and K2 Snowboarding presents Culture Slash

Straight from K2 about this months gallery: 

“It starts with a shop. A garage. A barn. An island. It starts with an idea. It starts with belief. It starts with madness and mistakes. Victories and transcendence. Performers, Cheeseburgers and Winter Heat. Strong women and aerial artists, jesters in a chaotic and beautiful circus of serious fun.

K2 was founded by iconic individuals who believed North Americans could build a great ski at a time when Europe owned the ski world. In 1962, consummate inventor and serial engineer Bill Kirschner applied the fiberglass technology from his family’s veterinary splint and kennel manufacturing business to the world’s first modern ski featuring a fiberglass-wrapped torsion box. In essence, he invented the modern snow ski. From the early days on Vashon Island, the energy and creativity from the garage, the shop, the barn – and continuing to this day in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle, Washington – have evolved skiing and snowboarding culture for the better. From a garage brand to a garage brand gone global, K2 has provided a family of true believers 52 years of joy backed by blood, sweat and beers.

From Olympic gold to personal moments of mountain solitude, K2 has been there from drop-in to final turn – in cowboy outfits, neon stretch-pants, leather jackets, official Team USA uniforms and, at times, in nothing at all. All remarkable moments backed by a commitment to doing it well and enjoying the day. It is, as legendary former K2 pro Glen Plake put it, “serious fun.”

It’s sure to be a good time so don’t miss out! Also, walk by our South Wall at evo and see our winter mural inspired by the K2 ski and snowboard graphics. See more photos and the video here>
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