The Best Summer Ski and Snowboard Camps!
The Best Summer Ski and Snowboard Camps!

The Best Summer Ski and Snowboard Camps!

Summer Camp - Camp of Champions

By Nick Meilleur, Seattle, WA: Most of us here at evo have dreams of skiing powder, carving off park kickers, and nuking down groomers…if you’re anything like us, you’re not looking forward to the end of the ski season. Don’t fret! Lucky for us on the West Coast we have 3 premier locations that offer a plethora of cutting-edge, top-notch summer camps: Mount Hood, Oregon Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia and Tahoe, California.

These rad camps are open to skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities so don’t hesitate to sign up!


Summer Camp - WIndells at Timberline

Mt. Hood, Oregon offers camps from early spring to late fall. Located right near the town of Government Camp and below Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood is famous for its summer shred life. The Palmer Glacier at Timberline Ski Area is extensive and offers a variety of camps ranging in skill level, price and discipline. Here are some options available for an awesome Oregon summer:

  • Windell’s Summer Camp offers both ski and snowboard camps in a variety of disciplines. A few highlights: two mile park run, some of the world’s finest ski and snowboard coaches, and an epic skatepark at the “Funnest” Place on Earth!
  • Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps operates from March to November with a wide variety of camps available, such as racing, moguls, freeskiing and snowboarding. Prices run between $995 and $1275.
  • High Cascade Snowboard Camp is the place to go for an 8-day all-inclusive snowboard experience! High Cascade is a snowboard-only camp, allowing you to avoid those pesky skiers, and they also offer an adult summer camp for those still living the dream!
  • Tichy Racing Camp is, as its name suggests, a racing focused camp. Tichy has been at Hood for 19 years and offers a ton of excellent guidance if you want to improve your times on the course. Tichy’s staff has a TON of professional and international race experience, and a 10-day camp will cost between $1495 and $1795.
  • Summer Ski Camp with Ted Ligety is run by the 2014 Giant Slalom Olympic gold medalist himself and has impressive coaching all around. Camps run from June 23 to July 5.


Summer Camp - Whistler Blackcomb Camp of Champions

Whistler Blackcomb has camps running from June 22 through July 28. With lots of camps to choose from and awesome Canadian vibes all day, the glacier summer scene is sure to be busy at Whistler. Here are some highlights:

  • Camp of Champions is the place to go if you want to lock down your latest switch spin, perfect your rail game or simply want to explore the largest privately owned terrain park in the world! Camps typically run 8 days to 2 weeks and will set you back between $995 and $2395 (makes an epic birthday or Christmas present parents – take note).
  • Momentum Ski Camp is an awesome ski-only camp that boasts the fastest turnaround times for ski lifts, an impressive track record for turning campers into pro skiers, as well as the best coaching around, just to name a few. You know this camp is all about having a seriously good time when Tom Wallisch and Simon Dumont are coaches and former campers include Phil Casabon, Corey Vanular, Rory Bushfield, Nick Martini and many others.
  • Dave Murray Ski and Snowboard Camp is the longest running ski and snowboard camp in North America, so you know spending a week there and learning from their experienced and respected coaches will improve your technique tenfold.
  • Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp owns and operates their own super pipe up on the glacier, so pipe jocks take note and go train! This camp is also associated with Whistler Bungee and world famous Whistler mountain biking, making it an awesome place to have a blast doing multiple disciplines.
  • Planet Ski International promises to teach you how to become the best competitor you can be; additionally they teach you how to reach your full potential on and off the slopes.


Summar Camp - Woodward at Tahoe

Woodward at Tahoe is a great ski, snowboard, skateboard, BMX, cheer and digital media camp that can be found in the mountains above Lake Tahoe (these people do it all apparently)! They’ve got a beautifully crafted park, indoor training including ramps, foam pits, trampolines and a giant bag jump for practicing all your new tricks. Whether you’re into shredding on snow, concrete, cheer or creating imagery, Woodward has got it all! Camps typically run from June to August.


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Options for summer skiing away from the west coast get a little limited. However, Copper Mountain just outside of Denver, Colorado is an awesome resort that is happy to offer summer camps for skiing, snowboarding, BMX, Slopestyle Mountain Bike, Cheer and Digital Media! Woodward at Copper is run by the same organization as Woodward at Tahoe, and promises high quality training. Enjoy park in the morning and indoor sessions in the afternoon. Woodward runs camps from June through August!

So don’t worry about the end of winter, you can shred on snow and enjoy yourself year-round at all these premium summer camps!