K2 Takes Over evo’s South Wall
K2 Takes Over evo’s South Wall

K2 Takes Over evo’s South Wall


By Chris Shalbot, Seattle, WA: This winter, for our South Wall Project, evo partnered with K2 and Electric Coffin to unleash a monster of sorts. The entire 70’ south wall at evo in Seattle features characters from both the ski and snowboard collections, striking a balance of both winter sports. The mural piece was put together by Ken Marshall who does graphics for K2 Snowboards.

“I did the composition, color, conceptualization of the wall, but definitely collaborative with Schmies and feedback from both snowboard and ski design crews. Turned out nice ‘n big!” says Marshall. 

The design features two of graphics from the 2014 snowboard lineup. The demon on the far right can be found on the Hit Machine and the woodland creature on the middle left you may recognize as a character from the Fastplant series of graphics. Ken also incorporated two graphics done by K2 Skis’ Ryan Schmies. Schmies has been the driving force behind K2’s graphics for over 10 years now. Ken used Ryan’s Party Snake featured on Sean Pettit’s Shreditor ski and the Northwest inspired art forms of Seth Morrison’s obSETHed from 2010/11 to round out the mural.

We asked each artist to give us a little insight to each of the graphics they have created.

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Ryan Schmies on the Shreditor 120:

“Cobra is my favorite snake meat. High in protein, super lean, not too gamey and a great source of raw natural energy. Eating it make me fast like cobra. And strong like bear. Hand drawn cobra on ski top sheet make you fast and agile, able to stomp cork 7 off 50ft cliffs like Sean Pettit.”

Ken Marshall on the Fastplant:

“The Fastplant, I art directed working with Anthony Yankovic (https://anthonyyankovic.com). He did the characters and I did the framework / psychedelic surrounding composition. The root concept is a fusion of Fastplant heritage (skateboard artist/creatures) and Blacklight psychedelic rock poster art. These Pacific Northwest creatures were out partying in the woods just having a good ole time when they stumbled upon this fantastic floating mirror looking object. They all get sucked into it and get transported to an alternate trippy universe of crazy adventure (really wanted to make an animated short story)…”

Ryan on the ObSETHed:

“Seth Morrison’s pro model ski grew in size and shape and I desired this graphic be a bold departure away from the loud brash graphics of his previous pro models skis. Both Seth and myself have long been enthralled with the indigenous Northwest Coast Art, specifically that of the Haida. I decided to pursue a K2 take on this traditional art form in a matte/gloss combo in the tip, transitioning through the aurora borealis lighting up the night ski above dark, demonic snow covered conifers. This is still one of my favorite graphics.”

Ken on the Hit Machine:

“The Hit Machine ‘Demon’ is a product of our pro Danny Larsen. The Hit Machine itself was a collaborative effort based on K2snowboarding’s “Seek and Enjoy!” message and heavy skate/surf/snow culture vibes/references.  Almost all our Pro Team was involved with heaviest contributions from Nick Dirks, Jake Kuzyk, and Danny. Lots of good stuff in that board if you look closely. Oh old school stuff, T&C surf design, Santa Cruz skateboards… Radness!”

That may have created more questions than answered…but that is why we love them. Make sure you stop by evo in Seattle this winter before the next #SouthWall Project mural is painted this spring. These beasts will forever be a part of evo.

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Make sure you stop by evo this Friday for opening of Culture Slash featuring work from the K2 artists which will be on display this month. Click Here For More Info>

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