Portland Store – Construction Update #2
Portland Store – Construction Update #2

Portland Store – Construction Update #2

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By Jordan Sunshine, General Manager, Portland, OR: Summer has officially started, and in Portland that means the rain season is over (besides the random hail storm???) and construction season is well under way. We at evo are super excited to watch our new Portland store come to life.

If you have driven down MLK or up Grand lately (see map>), you have probably noticed the massive project under way on the former Salvation Army Headquarters. In case you were curious what’s going on there, we put up some big green signs to let you know.

EVO_Portland-(2-of-61) EVO_Portland-(3-of-61) EVO_Portland-(1-of-1)-2

The shell and interior retro-fitting are almost complete. As far as Portland goes, this is a seriously old building and a lot needs to be done before we can call it home. That being said, it will be amazing to see how much of the original walls, floors, beams, and stairs are preserved when the new store opens. Portland prides itself in recycling, reusing, and repurposing, and the same goes for buildings.

evo Portland Snowboard Section evo Portland

Starting in July, we will begin the next stage of construction and watch as it becomes evo. This is going to be a very cool space, blending elements from the Seattle store and combining them with character from the building and new pieces original to the Portland store. Expect to see some great food, drink, events and more within our walls. We are creating more than just a great retail store, we are building a full experience for the community to enjoy.

I have just returned to Portland, one of the places I have called home before, along with my Portland-native wife and soon-to-be-raised-Portland daughter. I couldn’t be more excited to return to this great city, and to carry the evo torch along with me. As the summer progresses, I will be building an all-star team to bring the customer experience that evo prides itself in to the new store. You can expect to see positions opening up on our site starting in August!

Below are more photos of the progress. Those random strangers in the photos are our friends from Nike, Adidas, Airblaster, Dakine, and Jolby and Friends.

EVO_Portland-(9-of-61) EVO_Portland-(21-of-61) EVO_Portland-(22-of-61) EVO_Portland-(40-of-61) EVO_Portland-(59-of-61) EVO_Portland-(50-of-61) EVO_Portland-(53-of-61) EVO_Portland-(54-of-61) EVO_Portland-(41-of-61) EVO_Portland-(42-of-61) EVO_Portland-(43-of-61) EVO_Portland-(35-of-61) EVO_Portland-(26-of-61) EVO_Portland-(32-of-61) EVO_Portland-(24-of-61) EVO_Portland-(23-of-61)

Check out more details about our new store in Portland here> 

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