Bacon Brunch with Line Skis
Bacon Brunch with Line Skis

Bacon Brunch with Line Skis


[SEATTLE Update:] The second round of Bacon Brunch with Line Skis is happening in Seattle at evo, the morning after Eric’s gallery opens at our Seattle store. The gallery opening will take place the evening of December 5th and the Bacon Brunch will be the morning of the 6th. Check out the video above from the Bacon Brunch at our Portland store.

By Taylor Boyd & Patrick Curran, Seattle, WA: Are you a fan of bacon? How about eggs? Next question — are you a fan of skiing? If any of these apply to you, then you’re in for a real treat! We’d like to invite you to a bacon brunch with Line Skis. With meats supplied by Tender Belly, not only will your taste buds be wowed by incredible bacon (including maple and jalapeño flavors) as well as the rest of the brunch items, but you’ll get to experience the incredible cooking skills of the Line Skis crew, firsthand.

After all, these are the people that make the Sir Francis Bacon, so it’s only logical to assume they’re good at making bacon. The event will highlight Eric Pollard’s evo Gallery installation, and you’ll also have the opportunity to win a pair of the aforementioned 2015 Line Sir Francis Bacons! All in all, it’s a pretty sweet (and salty) deal if you ask us.

Sir Francis Bacon
  • Who: People who like bacon
  • What: Brunch served to you by Line Skis
  • When:
    • Saturday 11/1 | 10:00 AM | in Portland
    • Saturday 12/5 | 10:00 AM | in Seattle
  • Where:
    • evo’s new store in Portland | 200 SE MLK Jr. Blvd 97214
    • evo’s Seattle store | 3500 Stone Way N 98103
  • Cost: Free