Core Values: Credibility with Austin Smith
Core Values: Credibility with Austin Smith

Core Values: Credibility with Austin Smith

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[Core Values Series: The Great 8 are a set of core values that define everything we do at evo. This is part of an eight part series highlighting these values.]

By Taylor Boyd, Seattle, WA: This is the fourth installment in an eight part series highlighting evo’s core values, and the focus is on ‘credibility.’ At evo, our credibility comes from the passion we have for what we do, our service and expertise, and our welcoming, authentic approach to customers of all styles, abilities and interests. We view Austin as someone who embodies credibility — as a snowboarder and as an individual. In a sport where many stick to a single discipline or specialty, and are quick to endorse any product for a large enough check, Austin is a rare breed of rider that excels regardless of the terrain in front of him, and is conscious of the brands he puts his name behind. evo is proud to be one of those brands.

We asked Austin how he views the concept of ‘credibility.’

To operate with integrity in pursuit of credibility is a worthy goal for any person, in any life. It’s something I deeply respect in others and use as a guide for everything from what restaurant to go to, what brands to support and who I trust. As a snowboarder, promoting the brands and companies that support me, it feels especially important. 

Credibility is always more easily lost than gained and I’m continually impressed by those who live their lives as authentic people, true to themselves and their beliefs. Drink Water came out of that pursuit of authenticity – of being a credible advocate for the things I was endorsing as a snowboarder. Since it wasn’t energy drinks, or ever going to be, we started something saying something different — something we could comfortably and completely support. Hopefully, it’s viewed as an honest attempt to do that. 

– Austin Smith

Watch Austin in Pathology:

Check out the gear Austin rides:

Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit Austin Smith

Airblaster Merino Ninja Suit

Poler Kulshan Mitt Austin Smith

Poler Kulshan Mittens

Nike SB Lunarendor Boot

Nike Lunarendor Boots

Nitro Austin Smith Snowboard

Nitro Quiver Team Board for all-mountain riding

Nitro Austin Smith Rail Board

Nitro Quiver Rail Board for park and street riding

Nitro Austin Smith Pow Board

Nitro Quiver Pow Board for the deep days

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