Core Values: Communication with Mike Yoshida
Core Values: Communication with Mike Yoshida

Core Values: Communication with Mike Yoshida

Mike Yoshida

[Core Values Series: The Great 8 are a set of core values that define everything we do at evo. This is part of an eight part series highlighting these values.]

By Taylor Boyd, Seattle, WA: This is the fifth installment in an eight part series highlighting evo’s core values, and the focus is on ‘communication.’ At evo, communication is how we build strong, trusting relationships with each other, and with our partners, customers and communities. Respectful, transparent communication is an obligation. As an accomplished photographer who’s worked with a vast range of subjects in locations across the globe, evo Collective ambassador Mike Yoshida seems to have the concept of ‘communcation’ figured out.

We asked Mike how he views ‘communication.’

As an action sports photographer, communication is crucial for every aspect of the creative process, and on the business side as well. In the field it is very important to know as much about your subject matter as possible, to feel out their personality, and what kind of rider they are. This helps in making the person feel more comfortable on an exclusive working level, and can also aid in making suggestions with certain trick selection.  Without proper communication on a photo shoot, there would be complete chaos. Everything revolves around the weather, the light and timing, so it is very important to convey some sort of schedule to manage time correctly to ultimately capitalize on maximizing potential. The list of how important communication is could go on forever, these are just a handful of the more valuable things to look after while on a shoot.

On the business side, it’s essential to always be communicating with your client to make sure they are getting what they want. A lot of times I am simultaneously working with marketing and art directors to understand what style of shots they are looking for, and what kind of story is trying to be told. There are a million ways to tell a story through a photograph, and this is a vital part of the communication process when working with anyone.

– Mike Yoshida

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