Juliana Bicycles: Giving Women the Downhill Personalized Ride they Deserve
Juliana Bicycles: Giving Women the Downhill Personalized Ride they Deserve

Juliana Bicycles: Giving Women the Downhill Personalized Ride they Deserve

Juliana Bikes

By Chris Cahill, Seattle, WA: Each mountain bike should be specific to the rider that takes it downhill, or uphill for that matter. From suspension to tire pressure tweaks, everyone aims to be on a bike that is tuned to their body’s dimensions, including women. Until recently there wasn’t a mountain bike company that tailored their entire collection around the specific needs of the female rider. Then along came Juliana Bicycles. An offshoot of the powerhouse brand Santa Cruz Bicycles, Juliana focuses on the development, production, and testing of bikes that give women the personalized downhill ride they deserve.

Just like Juliana, at evo we care about the needs of the female rider. It is for this reason that we are stoked to announce the arrival of the Roubion, Furtado, and Juno models at our Seattle store. Continue reading to learn more about the bikes we carry and enjoy this video (below) featuring the Juliana Roubion.

The Roubion model (pictured below) is the highest-end bike in Juliana’s line with a carbon frame, 150mm of rear travel, and a build to get you through the hairiest of trails and steep downhill sections. For experienced riders, on-trail obstacles will seem easier to maneuver through, while a novice rider may feel that this bike gives them the confidence needed to finally progress.


For a bike that packs the same punch as the Roubion with a lighter, more agile ride, look no further than the Furtado (pictured below). This carbon-framed bike boasts 125mm of rear travel with a dual pivot rear suspension (VPP), and is sure to provide a comfortable uphill and downhill experience for the rider. The Furtado is the perfect enduro specific option for hard charging gals.


Lastly, we have the Juliana Juno. The lightweight frame and single-pivot rear suspension allow you to easily navigate the trail systems at your local spot and send it with confidence. If uphill traction and downhill stability are of equal priority on your list, then the Juno is the bike for you.


For more information on Juliana Bicycles or to see them in person for a test ride, come into the Seattle store or check out our Juliana brand page