Roadtrip to Alaska With Brandon Cocard : Part 2
Roadtrip to Alaska With Brandon Cocard : Part 2

Roadtrip to Alaska With Brandon Cocard : Part 2

Brandon Cocard in Alaska

Check out Part 1 of the roadtrip to Alaska with evoCollective’s Brandon Cocard if you haven’t yet.

By Brandon Cocard, Truckee, CA: 4 am came quick and my heart started racing the moment my eyes shot open. Jrob and Manuel look like they have been up for hours…wide awake. I attribute that to the 3 weeks of down days they had just been through, and pour myself a big cup of joe to wake my ass up. Time moved quickly the way it does at that hour, and the next thing I knew we were standing at the heli pad. Jrob, Manuel, Justin, Shane Charlibois, and I all standing there watching the rotor blades start to spin. My heart would not stop pounding. There I am about to cross one off the ole bucket list, and I can’t stop shaking.

Austen Sweetin and Jason Robinson

It turned out it was not my day. Or anybody’s day for that matter. We hit a pat down jump off of what seamed like the edge of the world, and I couldn’t land anything for the life of me. And on top of that, both Jrob and Manuel got hurt. Jason landed in one of his old tracks and tweaked his MCL, and we found out a few days later that Manuel actually cracked his knee cap in half… Not the best first day out.

Other than an extremely close call with a school bus sized cornice, the next few days went a little better. Because Manu and Jrob got hurt, we had extra room in the heli and we teamed up with the Burton crew. The next three days we hit jumps, wind lips, pat downs, cliffs, lines…the whole shebang! Not too shabby.

Sledding in AK

The team vibe was great and the snow was holding up, but the heli operations were shutting down due to lack of clientele and it was time for the next chapter. We dusted off the snowmobiles and headed up to Haines Pass.

Haines Pass was a different adventure all together. Busted trailers, flat tires, concussions, suicide birds, sleds rolling, guns shooting, jump building, double chucking, ghost riding, cornice launching, all weather permitting… It was a hell of a week and in the blink of an eye it was all over and it was time to turn around and drive home. The 3 days it took to drive there felt longer than the 3 weeks we spent snowboarding. I attributed the time warp to all the beer and adrenaline.

Brandon Cocard

It turns out the day I left Haines was just the start of the next adventure. I was naive in thinking the next 2000 miles were going to be mellow.

Long story short…. If you are going to take your truck and sled to Alaska and you want to dodge adventure… take the ferry.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the new Absinthe movie coming out this fall!!!

– Brandon Cocard

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