SEATTLE EVENT : Bikes, Boards, Blind Gallery By Jeff Hawe
SEATTLE EVENT : Bikes, Boards, Blind Gallery By Jeff Hawe

SEATTLE EVENT : Bikes, Boards, Blind Gallery By Jeff Hawe


[UPDATE] Bike, Boards, Blind will be on display through June and July, be sure not to miss this! In the meantime, check out the grand opening recap video below.

By Chris Cahill, Seattle, WA: A 70-day coastal adventure from the tip of northern Washington to the border town of Tijuana with friends, one with vision loss, as they pedal their their tandem bike south, only stopping to surf good waves. This may be the surface story of the Bikes, Boards, Blind Gallery coming to evo, but the real story is much deeper than words can describe. Although Devon Raney is the “one with vision loss,” you would never guess so based on his positive demeanor, thirst for adventure, and desire for tasty waves.

Accompanied by photographer Jeff Hawe and seven friends along the way – Devon pedaled and paddled on this journey, continuing his pursuit of life and reaping all the rewards that go along with it. One of those immeasurable benefits is friendship. Here are a few insightful words from Devon’s traveling companions:

Tom Burt on Devon Raney – 

“Devon is someone who grew up like most of us interested in sports and interested in being good at what he likes. Surfing, skating, snowboarding, whatever it was Devon was driven to do it well. So when Devon lost most of his vision at 33 to genetic disease called LHON, it was either stop doing things that needed his eyes or learn how to be the best he could be doing the sports he loved without the majority of sight. Choosing the latter has set Devon on his current path. Living life to the fullest.”

Devon Raney on photographer, Jeff Hawe – 

“70 days on the road together and you get to know the good stuff. Jeff is possibly one of the slowest moving and methodical people I have ever hung out with. I am the polar opposite, a whirlwind of random energy in need of an outlet. I would give him a hard time because sometimes I would have my wetsuit on before he even had his bike helmet off.”

Please join us in welcoming the Bikes, Boards, Blind Gallery by Jeff Hawe to the Seattle store on June 12th. See you there!

  • Who : Art Enthusiasts
  • What : Bikes, Boards, Blind Gallery
  • When : Friday, June 12th, 2015 | 6pm – 9pm
  • Where : Seattle Store | 3500 Stone Way N
  • Cost : Free