Oakley Expands Prizm Offering
Oakley Expands Prizm Offering

Oakley Expands Prizm Offering

By Chris Shalbot, Seattle, WA: Last season, we saw Oakley offer two new goggles, the O2 XL and Flight Deck. For this coming season, Oakley is releasing XM versions of these frames, which are scaled down in size. If XL stands for “extra-large,” XM must mean “extra-medium.”

But even bigger news coming from the Oakley camp is its expanded offering of their highly sought after, revolutionary Prizm™ lens technology. Not only is the Foothill Ranch based eyewear giant offering a wider variety of tints to match a vartiety of light conditions, they’re also introducing the lens tech to more models in their line-up.

So what is Prizm technology you ask? Developed and used exclusively by Oakley, originally created with military purposes in mind, Prizm lens technology blocks strategic wavelengths along the color spectrum. To the layperson, Prizm lenses were designed to increase contrast. By boosting some colors and filtering out others, Prizm is able to significantly increase contrast while reducing “bad” light, thus improving visibility on snow. The same filters that control color also increase the range of light conditions a specific Prizm lens functions in, allowing the user to comfortably ski or board all day in changing conditions.

What is “good” light and “bad” light? “Bad” light washes out your vision by reducing contrast, ultimately leading to dreaded “flat light.” Any rider regardless of skill struggles with flat light, even a pro like Jake Blauvelt. In his words, “flat light is a snowboarder’s worst nightmare. The snow blends into the sky and you get a sense of vertigo.”

Bottom line, if your goggles are giving you a “flat light” effect, you’re going to have a bad time.

New to the Prizm family this season are the Prizm Torch Iridium and Prizm Sapphire Iridium lenses, which offer a wider range of contrast for variable light conditions.

Oakley Expands Prizm

Oakley has expanded Prizm lenses to a number of new colorways and models for different face shapes and desired fields of vision. Whether it’s the all new Flight Deck XM, or the larger frameless Flight Deck, the oversized Canopy, the quick changing Airbrake or the updated classic A-Frame 2.0, Oakley has a frame that fits your needs, now featuring Prizm Technology.

For all goggles feature Oakley exclusive Prizm technology, click here!

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