What Active Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day
What Active Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

What Active Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Seattle, WA. Let’s face it: gift-giving is tricky business, especially when it comes to Mom. How do you adequately thank the person who made you who you are? Chances are, if you ask her, she’ll tell you she “has everything she needs.” We’ve heard that one before! Many of our moms here at evo inspire their children to follow their passions by leading active lives themselves. We asked a few of them to recall what their favorite Mother’s Day gifts were, and why being active has been so important to them as mothers.

Krista Jensen

evo Visual Merchandising Specialist and mom of Soren, age 6

Being active is so important to me as a mom, and staying active is a huge part of how I try to set an example for my son to be adventurous and independent. I’ve always tried to emphasize how meaningful it is to explore new things and also learning to fail, and trying again. We snowboard together, and I often run while Soren will ride his bike along with me. In doing this, we explore and experience together. Interacting with the outdoors and staying active helps me to maintain a lifestyle where I am more physically and mentally grounded, and I want him to know how that feels.

My ideal Mother’s Day would be an “epic adventure” (Soren’s favorite term, he’s in Kindergarten so everything is epic or legendary…), and it would go like this – wake up early to some sunshine and take a run / bike ride together to our favorite coffee place in the city. After some delicious breakfast, head back and hop in the car. Drive up to Mt. Hood for some late Spring snowboarding – camping stuff packed in the trunk. Take a ton of slushy, long laps and play around in the snow. Late afternoon, we’d head to Trillium Lake and set up camp for the night. Sit by a fire and talk about our adventures and dream. And maybe somewhere in there I would get a home-made card or some flowers picked on the bike ride, but the one-on-one time together doing our favorite things all in one day would be “legendary.”



Sally Fenton

Mother of Sunny Fenton, evo Senior Marketing Manager

The one Mother’s Day that stands out in my mind is the time Sunny and her two younger brothers fixed dinner for me. They were very young, maybe 5, 7 and 9, and just fixed whatever they found in the refrigerator. I remember it was a rather “unusual” meal, but their thoughtfulness and effort made up for that a thousand times over. I am looking forward to this Mother’s Day as all three kids will be here with their significant others and many other friends and family for a weekend of camping and a seafood feast.

My husband says I am always in “perpetual motion” which sometimes drives him nuts! My current activities include skiing, cycling, mountain biking, fishing, gardening walking, hiking, weight training, yoga and golf. The most important to me since 2003 has been cycling. I decided when number three child went off to college, I would ride my bike across the country. I had done the Seattle to Portland a couple of times – why not San Diego to Florida carrying all my gear and camping along the way? Good thing I did not think it through! After that trip I began working for the tour company with whom I traveled. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity during the “empty nest” years to travel across the US three times, Canada to Mexico 4 times, trips in Colorado, Wisconsin, Vermont, South and North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Montana, British Columbia, Alaska and more. I have met fabulous people from all over the world and been able to be outdoors and in perpetual motion!

My motto is “go outside and play.” I heard that from my mom growing up and passed it along to my kids.



Carol Jordan

Mother of Jordan Sunshine, Portland Store Manager

I am an active 70 year old mother and grandmother who likes to live with no regrets. My son was born when I was forty years old. As an older mother, it has always been a joy to be active and healthy so we could share my passion for the outdoors and nature. Hiking twelve months a year in the Green Mountains of Vermont is my current passion. CrossFit, yoga, and kayaking are also high on my current list of activities.

For years Jordan made his own Mother’s Day gifts for me – always thoughtful, creative, and from the heart. He had a fascination with gargoyles for a period in his life. He made lots of gargoyles during that time, including this planter which I love. It still exists and lives in my office. I’m sure it helps to keep me safe! The best Mother’s Day experience was hiking our favorite ski area, Mad River Glen. Mad River Glen has been a special mountain for our family. Jordan and I both pretty much learned to ski there. Hiking the mountain together on Mother’s Day was so much fun! I got to share my love of hiking with him – the beauty of the mountain, the expansive views, the exhilaration of climbing, the air, etc. And I got to experience the hike through his eyes – the salamanders, the budding wild strawberries, the hawks circling overhead, the moose poop, etc.



Sheri Bloom

Mother of Sara Bloom, evo Merchandising Assistant

Sara and I have spent seven of the past eight Mother’s Days thousands of miles apart, so my special Mother’s Day gift begins when my phone rings… a conversation with ‘a view.’  We’ve journeyed through another year apart yet together, deepening our relationship, our friendship with long talks on the phone (often with either both or one of us out walking while we’re talking), lots of texts and emails, as many trips as possible to be together, and a solid mutual commitment to stay connected. On that day, I savor those moments on the phone with Sara but the real treasure -the best gift – is the ongoing pilgrimage of love and friendship and all the effort and time she invests in our journey as mom and daughter.

This is my 30th year of running (now more aptly called jogging) year round outdoors, 4-5 days a week. My other very favorite activities include both teaching and taking yoga classes, and long walks or bike rides with my husband. All of these are absolutely essential for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. They make me feel strong & healthy and allow time to cultivate joy and thankfulness.



Tami Frazier

evo Distribution Center Admin and mom of Kylie, age 16

I’m an avid hiker, backpacker, mountain biker, skier, kayak kinda mom. The way I figure it, life is an adventure so why not live it! Living an active life is very important for my health and my child’s. My belief is that it will have a trickle-down effect and that my daughter will always try to be active as well. My daughter, who is now 16, has always gone on adventures with mom – whether she wanted to or not! I figure she will look back on all our adventures when she’s older and be happy that I took her with me.

Mother’s Day for me has always been a day to go do something with my daughter. The gift of adventure is my favorite gift I’ve been given. We’ve been to Mariners’ games, hikes, snowshoe adventures, bike rides, and kayaking. We’ve even done what we called a multi-sport adventure, we biked and kayaked in one day. One of my favorite tangible gifts was a hammock I could travel with. I’ve always loved to just ‘hang’ out. Even when my daughter was little I had a hammock we would always swing in. This new hammock can travel with me wherever we go. And we can still both swing in it!


We encourage you to get outside with your mom this Mother’s Day to create a memorable experience. Check out our hand-picked collection of gifts for active moms for some insipiration!

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