Earth Day 2016 with Zeal Optics
Earth Day 2016 with Zeal Optics

Earth Day 2016 with Zeal Optics

Brandon Alves, Portland, OR: The glory of living in Portland is that it’s an outdoor hub with the perks of a city. Being that PDX is a small city, you don’t get too overwhelmed or sucked into the proverbial cement jungle. You are able to escape at the drop of a dime to mountains, ocean, rivers, or high desert. In other words, you are able to enjoy many variations of our planet on any day that you want, not just Earth Day. That being said, on April 22nd, official Earth Day, the PDX store crew and a few brave customers gathered at the store early and were greeted by Zeal and their adventure mobile for carpooling out to Short Sands. After a few cups of coffee and bagels we were ready for the road.

Short Sands Hike

It was nuking rain in Portland, but after maneuvering through the morning commute we were greeted by broken clouds, variable waves and a dry beach. We made the most of it by hiking along the beach, sharing laughs and filling up 10 trash bags while we waited for the waves to pick up.

The Gang Danny Log Crossing Finders Keepers

Once the tide started rolling out and the wind died down some decent wave sets rolled in and we were rewarded by Mother Earth for our good deeds. We slipped on our wetsuits and got in the water. The rip tide was working well so we were able to catch a number of solid waves. After a couple hours worth surfing we were beat and it was time to head back to Portland for happy hour at the store.


Short Sands Stackin'

We indulged in Sizzle Pie pizza and some Rainier before heading to Keen’s International Ocean Film Tour at Revolution Hall. Zeal set up their booth while the rest of the volunteers settled into their seats for the films. All the films were awesome and had their own special message about the ocean. Exhausted from an eventful day, we all said our goodbyes with high fives and went our separate ways. It was a good day full of surfing, storytelling, laughing, giving back and education! More days need to be spent like this. Thank you Zeal, evo, Sizzle Pie and Keen for making it a memorable Earth day!

Beer Time Zeal Booth

We ask to be both adventurous and responsible when in nature. It is our duty to as outdoorsy people to preserve this place for future generations to enjoy. Carpool, recycle, consume smartly, and don’t waste or pollute. Moreover, be respectful of this precious planet. Our lifestyles revolves around the outdoors, so be conscience and do your part while enjoying this beautiful place!

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