evoTrip Austria 2016 Trip Review
evoTrip Austria 2016 Trip Review

evoTrip Austria 2016 Trip Review

Seattle, WA. Anna Kraft, the elated winner of a spot on our very first evoTrip Austria, took a minute to review her experience and allow those of us who weren’t there a chance to daydream. Who is Anna and how did she get so lucky? Well, she wrote this winning essay describing exactly that:

“I am a purveyor of the wild life, avid big mountain snowboarder, Snowdays volunteer, Montana native, mother, aspiring world traveler and seeker of growth through experience. Nature runs through my veins, fueling my curiosity and motivations. Our purpose is to nurture our environment and learn from its complexities. I am ecstatic about this once in a lifetime opportunity filled with deep snow, mountains, foreign friends and a glance into innovative sustainable design. This trip will fuel my passions, dip my toes in European culture, contribute to modern innovation and help apply myself in a manner that teaches, challenges and motivates our world, our community, my son and myself.”

In March, Anna and five other snowboard enthusiasts traveled to Austria to spend a week exploring the glorious powder of the Alps and being among the first to tour CAPiTA Super Corporation’s new manufacturing facility, The Mothership.

Austria ski trip

“My favorite thing about Austria was the breathtaking scenery and the town of Hallstatt. The mountains with no foothills dramatically drop down to farm fields and a lake so clear that you can drink from it! The town of Hallstatt was a definite highlight. The gorgeous mountains next to the lake, with native swans, narrow streets, a castle across the way and waterfalls running through town… fairy tale land for sure. I loved the character of the town and our hotel was perfect. The breakfast and dinner at the Heritage Hotel Hallstatt made the long snowboarding days so much easier. In general the tidiness and upkeep of Austria pleasantly surprised me.

Hallstatt, Austria

I was also taken away by the extreme nature of the Alps. Holy cow they are hard core! The mountain views that stretch across countries and the sharp steep mountains were absolutely unexpected and images I will never forget!

The snowboarding challenged me both mentally and physically and was awesome. I can’t say enough about Outdoor Leadership (our guides) and Rob. I immediately trusted his guidance with my life and he made the trip. Riding the resort the first day was a great way to feel out the group and get our feet wet in the Alps. I rode my first chute after hiking past the mountain goats and that was a memory I will not forget! I very much enjoyed Krippenstein as well and would go back in a heartbeat. The snow was so fluffy and the glacier turns were some of the best of my 20 years of snowboarding. I was definitely scared at times of avalanches and terrain, but felt supported by our guide and the group. It wouldn’t hurt to really understand the evacuation procedures if needed for the future – no ski patrol! I also appreciated the last day of getting some tourist time at the top and exploring inside the glacier. You really need to be prepared for the boot-pack on the glacier to Hallstatt day – but it was awesome.

Ski trip Austria Austria Alps snowboarding

On our last day in Austria, we hopped in a minivan and headed down to the tiny town of Feistritz a.d. Gail to visit the CAPiTA Mothership (side note: Ashley needs to practice driving a stick before the next trip). The town’s mayor gave us permission to open the private hill and t-bar where we got to demo boards. I enjoyed the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy board and was stoked on the 2017 Spring Break Slush Slasher board I tried! The Mothership is doing incredible things to cut down their carbon emissions and make snowboard manufacturing more environmentally sustainable. To see such a progressive company’s process in person was really inspirational and interesting. I liked the guys giving the tour, lunch was fantastic, and riding was super fun. Of course, we could always have made a bit more time for riding, but besides that all was well!

CAPiTA Mothership Austria Capita Mothership

I really liked traveling with the details handled – that was a first. I think Ashley has a great personality to get along with a diverse group of people and keep the mood light and fun. I really enjoyed the hotel, town, snowboarding, company, roommate, CAPiTA tour and day in Munich.

I can’t stop talking about the town of Hallstatt, the extreme snowboarding with thigh high fluffy white powder, perfect weather, hiking to fresh pow turns, amazing mountain views, excellent food, Austria’s attention to detail and Outdoor Leadership as a guiding service. We also had a blast on our whirlwind tour of Munich before heading home.

Austria travel

Thank you thank you for a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget and always be so grateful for!!! You guys rock and I will spread the love.”

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